How Do You Lighten Dark Circles?

How Do You Lighten Dark Circles?

There have been countless of products design for removing eye puffiness, and dark circles. Moreover, there have been videos on how do you lighten dark cicles under the eyes. Yes, you’ve seen a lot of commercials and advertisements, but none of them helped you solving your dark circles under your eyes. The truth is that those de-puff and lightening eye products do not always work. 

Drinking the right amount of water and applying a cold compress on the dark part underneath your eyes helps a lot in lightening its color. These methods are also beneficial in shrinking eye bags quickly. Most of all, the best way to heal or remove those dark circles under your eyes is a change in your lifestyle. It is true, especially if you inherit those eye bags and dark circles.

The point is that no matter how many medicine intake you do if you will not help yourself – everything is useless. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of help and confidence in eliminating those dark circles under your eyes. Don’t always rely on medicines because these steps will help you lighten dark circles under your eyes.

How Do You Lighten Dark Circles?

Here’s what you have been waiting – answers on how you can treat those dark circles under your eyes. As mentioned, it’s not always that you can rely on medicines. Some natural ways and home remedies can help you solve your problem, but you have to be consistent in changing your lifestyle. Avoid those that will worsen your dark circle symptoms, and try these tips.

Apply Tea Bags on Your Eyes.

Fortunately, tea has numerous benefits. Aside from drinking, you can also use your used caffeinated tea bags under your eyes. Green tea, specifically, offers potential anti-inflammatory effects. This way helps in lightening dark circles because of its powerful antioxidants that promote better blood circulation around your eyes. Some experts also believe that applying tea bags is a protection against UV rays while potentially slowing the aging process.

  • How to do it? Get two tea bags and let them chill in your refrigerator for about 20 minutes. Then, start squeezing out the extra liquid of the tea. It is what you’re going to apply to the dark circles under your eyes. Rest the tea bags for approximately 15 to 30 minutes.

Use of Cold Compress.

It is one of the benefits of using a cold compress. Before you buy those pricey creams, why not relieve your eyes using cold compress? This method is free, easy to do, and maybbe just one you need to lighten dark cicles under the eyes. Simply apply cold in the affected area for about 7 to 10 minutes. Applying cold to helps in lightening your dark circles because it helps the blood vessels constrict quickly for some temporary relief.

  • How to do it? It is simple as getting an ice cube from your fridge and covering it in a clean and soft cloth to protect your skin from getting too frosty.

Use a Neti Pot to Clean Your Sinuses.

Have you heard anyone that using a neti pot has helped him or her remove their under-eye bags and dark circles? A Neti Pot is a small tool that you fill with a saltwater solution. Then you will place its spout in your nose and start irrigating your sinuses. This method helps in removing mucus and other debris that may worsen the dark circles under your eyes.

  • How to do it? Secure a neti pot with a saltwater solution, which means 1/2 teaspoon of salt into 1 cup of water. Then, heat the saltwater solution to dissolve it and cool it to body temperature before using it. For the best comfort, warm or lukewarm is the best temperature.

Use a Neti Pot with Saltwater Solution.

Once you have your neti pot filled with a saltwater solution, tilt your head sideways over the sink. Then, place the spout of the Neti Pot in your upper nostril. You can breathe through your mouth as you pour the solution gently. Repeat the same method with your other nostril. After using your neti pot, make sure to clean, filter, and sterile it with clean water.

Keep Yourself Hydrated.

How Do You Lighten Dark Circles? Keep yourself hydrated. Did you know that 60 percent of your body weight is water? Dehydration contributes to under-eye bags and dark circles. Therefore, you must replace those fluids that get out of your system for every action that you make. When you sweat, pea, or sleep – drinking water is the best way to replenish your body. As an adult, experts recommend drinking around 13 cups of water a day for men, and at least 9 cups of fluids for women.

  • Do you hate water? In this case, you can try sparkling waters, flavored waters, or even water infused with fruit. Drinking hot or cold herbal decaffeinated tea is also a good option.

Antihistamine Intake Helps.

Allergies also contribute to eye puffiness and dark circles. Aside from that, you may also experience redness or watery, itchy eyes. So, first, you have to identify those allergies that you have to avoid potential allergens whenever possible. You can also consider checking on your diet to see what substances or other things cause the most reaction. It is because allergies cause reactions to your immune system. You can take over-the-counter (OTC) allergy medications but always consult your doctor before taking it.

Use a Retinol Cream.

Retinol creams have been beneficial for different skin issues like acne, psoriasis, aging, and certain cancers. This element is almost the same with vitamin A and usually comes in cream, gel, or liquid form. Once you apply retinol to your skin, it improves collagen deficiency. Talk to your doctor about how much cream you must use, frequency, and for how long.

Use of Lightening Products.

Aside from retinol, you can also try using other lightening creams that your doctor would recommend. These products that have ingredients called hydroquinone interferes with the production of melanin in the skin. As a result, it reduces the appearance of dark bags or under-eye circles. You can find numerous creams, gels, and lotions that you can buy over-the-counter.

Use Sunscreen every day.

Protect your skin against the harmful sun’s rays that can cause premature aging, skin cancer, and discoloration. Believe it or not, the American Academy of Dermatology urges people to apply Sunscreen more often – even when you’re just at home. Choose a sunscreen that is SPF 30 or higher and water-resistant for maximum protection against UVA and UVB rays.

Talk to Your Derma About Microneedling.

This method is also known as collagen induction therapy. It involves reducing wrinkles, scarring, and even pigment issues that cause dark circles under the eyes and baggy eyes. Take note that this is a procedure for people who desires instant gratification and who can whole-heartedly handle the pain. 

  • How Microneedling Happens? This procedure involves fine needles that puncture the skin. As a result, it creates controlled injuries that help in rejuvenating the affected skin. This method performed throughout six sessions spaced a month.
  • What Are the Risks of Microneedling? This procedure may expose you to different risks through recovery like bleeding, bruising, infection, and scarring.

Remove Your Makeup Before Going to Bed.

If you are wearing your makeup, avoid sleeping with it. This method improves your nightly routine and helps in preventing bags under your eyes. More importantly, wash your face before bed each night.

  • Why Should You Remove Your Makeup? You should not sleep with your makeup on because of different reasons. First, it may irritate your skin that may cause an allergic reaction. This reaction may lead to an infection that creates redness, puffiness, or other symptoms. Also, forgetting to wash your face may cause wrinkles or damage the skin. It is because you get more exposed to oxidative stress that may cause premature age skin.

Elevate your Head When Sleeping.

Slightly lift your head by using two or more pillows when sleeping. Elevating your head prevents the pooling of fluid in your lower eyelids that is one of the many causes of eye puffiness, especially when you wake up. If elevating your head hurts, consider getting a bed that allows you to lift the entire top end of it by a few inches. 

Consume Foods that are Rich in Collagen.

Lighten dark circles under the eyes by eating more collagen-rich foods help in supporting your muscles, especially those around your eyelids. Increasing your vitamin C intake can also help in absorbing more hyaluronic acid. As a result, it boosts collagen production that creates healthier skin.

Eat foods that are rich in Iron.

Iron deficiency or anemia is one of the primary culprits of dark circles under the eyes. It is because of its lack of red blood cells. They are responsible for carrying oxygen to tissues in the body. Therefore, iron deficiency results in dark circles under the eyes. Apart from it, other symptoms also include extreme fatigue, cold hands and feet, and brittle nails. It is always best to consult your doctor if you are anemic to check it with simple blood tests. 

  • What Should You Eat if You are Anemic? If you consult your doctor, he may give you special iron supplements to maintain your iron levels. Try increasing your dietary intake of iron-rich foods such as red meat, pork, poultry, seafood, and beans — moreover, leafy green veggies, and fruits like raisins, apricots, and other dried fruits.

Decrease Your Consumption of Salty Foods.

Overeating salty foods will only worsen those dark circles under your eyes. It is because salt is one of the primary contributors to your body’s fluid retention, which will eventually lead to puffy eyes. Not only that it can make your condition worse, but also can cause other health issues, like heart disease and stroke.

According to the American Heart Association, a person consuming 2,300 milligrams (mg) or less of salt each day. On the other hand, adults must consume no more than 1,500 mg of salt each day. Here’s a guide of the corresponding milligrams to teaspoons (tsp) measurements.

  • 1/4 tsp = 575 mg sodium
  • 1/2 tsp= 1,150 mg sodium
  • 3/4 tsp = 1,725 mg sodium
  • 1 tsp = 2,300 mg sodium

Does Baking Soda Help in Reducing Dark Circles Under the Eyes?

If you want to lighten dark circles under the eyes, you have to be ready to try natural solutions. Yes, baking soda is an effective remedy for removing dark circles under your eyes. Baking Soda or other professionals call it sodium bicarbonate, which is a popular baking ingredient that has the magical power to balance the skin’s PH level. It turns out that it is not only beneficial to your kitchen, but also your skin.

Baking soda helps in removing dead skin cells on your face while acting as an excellent exfoliator. Besides, it can even cure sunburns, acne scars, blackheads, and other skin-related problems. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties that act as an astringent and helps in closing pores.

Can Toothpaste Remove Dark Circles Under the Eyes?

Some people have been asking How Do You Lighten Dark Circles. There has been no scientific study proving that applying toothpaste on dark circles under the eyes can remove it. Some people say that doing so helped them reduce dark circles because they believe that it contains various elements that can cure inflammation and infection. Plus, it also has a soothing effect on the skin. However, as mentioned, dark circles under the eyes are either because of genes or poor lifestyle habits.

How Do Cucumbers Lighten Dark Circles Under the Eyes?

Some studies show that cucumber juice can reduce swelling while soothing damaged skin. It also can stimulate antioxidant activity on your skin. The cooling effect of cucumber juice not only give any complexion a refreshed look and feel, but it is also rich in vitamin C and folic acid. The role of Vitamin C is to wake up the skin so that it can stimulate new cell growth.

On the other hand, folic acid can boost antioxidants that are beneficial for fight off environmental toxins that can make your eyes look puffy or tired. Cucumber has a high water content that can moisturize the area under the eyes, which is an effective way of treating it. 

Final Words

How Do You Lighten Dark Circles? If, in the case that the dark circles under your eyes are genetic, it may be impossible to remove it altogether. Therefore, your best option is to lighten its appearance, at least. You can try various methods – both natural and through the use of particular medications.

However, sometimes, all you need is a change in your lifestyle. More often, if something is wrong in any part of our body, it may be its way of telling you that you are probably doing something wrong with your body. Try figuring out the culprit behind those dark circles under your eyes. Seek solutions, and ask professional advice with your doctor.

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