Need To Scale back Darkish Circles? Attempt Out These Wonderful DIY Dwelling Treatments

Last Updated: February 01, 2023, 16:44 IST

If you thought it was difficult to deal with dark circles and puffy eyes, well not anymore! (Image: Shutterstock)

Inculcate these very easy to DIY tips to decrease your dark circles, you will for sure love the results

Dark circles are stubborn and definitely unwanted, but what do we do about them? A long night’s sleep is definitely not a solution to our ever-occurring problem. In fact, sleep is also not the only cause of dark circles, another primary reason that has now surfaced is the constant use of laptops, tablets, television and most certainly phones. If you are someone with a very thin skin layer and low melanin then it is likely that you will have darker circles around your eyes.

Starting from every movie to every television show, we have always seen the fancy character with cucumbers on their eyes at least in one part of the entire watch. But, do you think that is for no reason at all? Well, let us tell you that it for sure has a reason behind it. Cumbers are high in astringent and skin-lightening properties which make them a natural element that should be put to use for reducing dark circles.

Rose water not only smells got but is a great product to revitalise and rejuvenate your skin from the very core. Take a cotton pad at least thrice a week and massage it around your eyes with rose water, you will for sure see the change. Research shows that once you start doing so it will also soothe your eye muscles which is very important for proper eyesight.

Whether you are a tea person or not, let us assure you that on this journey of trying to reduce your dark circles, tea is going to play a major role, tea bags to be specific. Tea bags have an inflammatory property in them that can help you soothe your under-eye region and reduce dark circles.

Potatoes just like cucumber can help you out in this case because the very versatile vegetable is loaded with the goodness of antioxidants that can make your under-eye region look bright and fresh.

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