Suggestions to assist stop below eye bags and wrinkles

By Dark Circles Free / November 3, 2021

(The Daily Dish) If you have wrinkles or bags under your eyes and have considered injections or surgery, there are non-invasive solutions.

As we age, the tissue and skin that holds in fat below our eyes can weaken. When the tissue weakens, fat can push forward giving you bags below your eyes. What can make it even worse is that fat can cast a shadow from the light above, making you look tired, older, and worn out. It doesn’t have to just be from feeling tired, but under-eye bags and wrinkles can also be a part of genetics.

We have a few tips to help prevent under-eye bags.

Many of us make the same mistake by using too many products under and around our eyes. You DO want to use products like eye creams, oils, and serums for under-eye moisturizing. Several products such as Retinol, salicylic acid, and glycolic acid are designed to create skin cell turnover to help with improving the look of your complexion. If you are using these types of products directly under your eyes it could cause irritation which leads people to rub their eyes which causes inflammation.

When you’re going through your daily routine of cleaning yourself, whether it be your face, body or hair make sure you do a thorough job. Shampoo, conditioner, body wash/soap, or facial cleanser can leave a residue if not washed off completely. That residue get’s stuck under your eyelids which can lead to dermatitis or inflammation. All of this will then cause you to rub your eyes which can create under-eye bags.

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