How to Cover Dark Circles Using Makeup?

Cover Dark Circles Using Makeup

Dark shadows appear to grow more ominous in the morning, so you’re not going to have to hold your eyes and pray they’re covering up. A good use of concealer will mask the circles and blend in with your natural skin tone. This procedure also acts on melasma, as it happens in pregnant people, also known as pregnancy mask.

Here are some steps on how to cover dark circles using makeup.

  1. Washing the face with water and a gentle cleanser.
  2. Applying moisturizer.
  3. Use of a Primer
  4. Put on Foundation
  5. Choose the right concealer
  6. Blend thoroughly and apply shimmering beige

We know how frustrating it is to see those dark circles under the eyes dominating your face. So, here are some in-depth steps on how to cover dark circles using makeup.

How to Cover Dark Circles Using Makeup?

If you’ve got dark under the circles of your eyes, odds are you tried every trick in the book to cover them up. It turns out, the best solution is also the easiest for dark circles – just learn how to apply correctly under eye makeup.

Step 1 – Wash Your Face Before You Cover Dark Circles Using Makeup

Wash your nose with a fresh stream and a soft cleanser. Only the final move of splashing your face with lukewarm water will aid. It increases blood pressure in the face and helps lower puffiness, which may decrease the presence of dark circles

Step 2 – Apply A Moisturizer

Apply a face moisturizer over your entire face, then dab a cream of the eye or a moisturizer into the crease under your eye to avoid your lids. It would allow makeup to work more consistently. If the skin becomes easily irritated using a separate moisturizer for the eye rather than a moisturizer for the nose.

Step 3 – Use A Primer For A Long-Lasting And Even Makeup

Primer can be used by itself or under foundation. It smoothens the skin tone and leaves the mascara in place for longer. Use your fingers or a makeup brush to apply the primer to your whole face. You can opt for a moisturizing primer if you have dry skin. Try a mattifying primer for oily skin.

Step 4 – Apply A Foundation  To Cover Dark Circles Using Makeup

Select a formula that fits your skin tone and condition, as always. Applying the foundation allows you to use less concealer, making it easier to achieve a natural look. While picking a base, make sure it suits your skin’s hue and undertone. If you have a colder skin tone and use a warmer foundation and makeup, as long as the formula oxidizes, it would create a noticeable foundation mark.

If you’re not sure what color foundation to wear, visit a makeup counter and ask a professional to match a product to you. Powder foundations tend to be more controllable, allowing you to target the dark areas more accurately. Pour it into a sponge to spread powder base uniformly, then shake the formula out. You’re not going to pile on a bunch at once this way, because it’s not going to feel like cake on your face.

Step 5 – Choose A Concealer

Choose a concealer which is a lighter shade than your skin. Begin at the corner of your eye below your face. Smear tiny dots of the concealer from your face to the outside edge of your eye under your brow. Then, use your finger or a makeup brush to tap the concealer lightly until it’s mixed into your skin. Do not rub off the concealer because it makes the coverage uneven. You could try to do a color correction concealer if you can still see the dark circles before applying your foundation and regular concealer.

If you have fair skin, use a peach or apricot concealer to counteract the tones of blue that are prevalent in most eye circles. Use an orange concealer for medium eyes. Darker skin tones can allow the use of darker or red-orange. Try using a stick concealer because such have a smoother and more translucent base that more easily hides dim regions. Keep in mind that a stick concealer on oily skin can trigger an acne breakout. Use a liquid concealer in case this is a concern.

Step 6 – Set Your Under Eye Concealer

Load the puff up with powder and press it gently under your eyes. It will add a little bit more coverage and will help your concealer last the whole day. Blend in the concealer’s edges until they no longer are noticeable. Whether the concealer is already visible, add to the remainder of the face, some other appropriate cosmetics, and smooth it again. It can help you to use a different concealer shade on your cheeks and forehead between your skin tone and the eye concealer tone.

Step 7 – Apply Eyeshadow Cover Dark Circles Using Makeup Completely

It is optional, but it will help to brighten up your eyes and make you look more awake. The light often takes focus away from the lines under the pupil. Use dark eyeliner under the shadow for more lasting strength. Highlighter can reflect light to nearby shadows along the top of your cheekbone, brightening up any remaining hint of darkness.

How To Cover Dark Circles Without Makeup?

What if you don’t have a set of makeup? Fortunately, you don’t need a concealer to hide your dark circles under the eyes. Combat the under-eye troubles for good by tackling the fundamental problems that concern the face.

A Soothing Eye Mask Would Help

Experts suggest that using under-eye masks will help in brightening dark circles in the affected area. These masks have nourishing ingredients that add moisture, radiance, and refines your skin.

Feel The Refreshing Cool Tea Bags

Although it can sound like a beauty remedy that only exists in films, adding cooled tea bags to the eyes always does minimize the dark circles. The caffeine in the tea serves to compress the skin’s blood vessels, which prevents puffiness and discoloration. Tea often includes tannins that help to promote circulation and to relax the skin.

Seek Help For Caffeinated Eye Creams

Don’t have time to brew some bags of tea? Instead, try to use a caffeinated eye cream. Many creams deliver the same advantages without any of the work as steep tea bags. Experts are suggesting putting the product in the refrigerator if you want to take your eye cream to the next level. It will chill the product and allow it to be calm and refreshing once applied to the eye area.

Try Elevating Your Head When Sleeping

Fight dark circles in your sleep by using a few extra pillows to support yourself. It’s a simple trick that will help make your eye bags disappear. You’re reducing the volume of fluid that accumulates under your eyes by lifting your head. Add extra pillows to decrease any puffiness that may occur under your eyes. 

Use A Frozen Spoon

Although it may seem like a dumb trick, it does work. The spoon’s coldness helps constrain your blood vessels and reduce swelling around your eyes. Plus, they are the perfect size for every part of the body. You don’t need to cover up your dark circles with loads of concealers. Do these easy tips to banish any of your under-eye woes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let us find out other frequently asked questions about dark circles using makeups.

What color helps dark circles?

If the dark circles are greener, add a reddish or peach-tone concealer to even them out. Yellowish concealers will neutralize violet and blue circles effectively. Seek a concealer of greenish undertones, whether the dark circles are red or purple.

How can I lighten my dark circles fast?

There’s no easy way to lighten dark circles under the eyes. However, the best approach is to go natural. It means you have to eat healthily, get enough sleep, and exercise. Moreover, don’t be afraid to try eating or drinking other herbal teas. Creams and other medicines may also be an option. However, make sure to consult it with your doctor.

Does concealer make dark circles worse?

Concealers can only make dark circles under the eyes worse if it doesn’t sit flawlessly on your skin. Moreover, it would look more harmful if you don’t moisturize it enough because it will only dry your skin.


Makeups may be an excellent help in hiding those dark circles under the eyes, but don’t overdo it. We have a saying that anything too much is harmful. So, as much as possible, apply a little amount of makeup only. It is better if you go natural and live a healthy lifestyle. Here are 13 foods to avoid, which causes dark circles under the eyes.

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