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Asserting The First Wearable Artificial ‘Second Pores and skin’ For Eye Wrinkles

By Dark Circles Free / November 11, 2021

Lily Bioceuticals has announced it has launched the first wearable synthetic ‘second skin’ for the cosmetic industry. Its first product using the technology is Beyond Flawless Second Skin, for the under-eye area.  Like natural skin, it is incredibly strong, resilient, breathable, waterproof — and completely undetectable. It’s a breakthrough innovation that will have an immeasurable […]


Dennie-Morgan Strains Causes and Confirmed Therapies for the Eye Wrinkles

By Dark Circles Free / November 8, 2021

Dennie-Morgan (DM) lines are small creases that form along your lower eyelids. These can lead the appearance of double skin folds beneath your eyes. Also called Dennie-Morgan folds, these lines aren’t associated with the natural aging process like wrinkles can be. Instead, DM lines tend to develop during early childhood, usually in response to allergies […]

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