Can Oversleeping Cause Dark Circles?

We have been receiving questions if oversleeping can cause dark circles under the eyes? So, we’ve decided to write the answers for you in this article. If this is a question that has been bothering you, make sure to read this article first before going to your doctor.

Oversleeping can only cause dark circles under the eyes if you’ve overeaten salt or sugar the night before you woke up. It is because too much salt or sugar that can cause blood pooling under the eyes. Also, the level of your head while lying down can create dark circles. Finally, sleep deprivation can cause dull and pale skin, which results in dark-colored tissues and blood vessels beneath your skin’s surface.

If you want more explanation about how oversleeping can cause dark circles, don’t hesitate to read further this article. We will make sure that you have the right information and ease your mind. Remember, in the case where you feel that your dark circles are getting worse, don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor.

What are Dark Circles Under the Eyes?

Dark circles are just what they sound like dark circular areas behind your eyes. If you’ve ever noticed darkness and puffiness, you’ve experienced dark circles under your eyes. They are incredibly common nowadays, especially with the changes in the modern lifestyle. These shadows, according to the Mayo Clinic, may develop as a normal part of the aging process. 

More often, under-eye circles are not typically a medical concern. There are some times that they can be a cosmetic discomfort instigator. On the other hand, some dark circles under the eyes are a result of diseases. 

Sadly, the worst part of having dark circles under the eyes is that they can give off a tired, aged, and even sad look. No one likes dark eyes for all these reasons, especially women. As a result, the stress acquired worrying about dark circles only adds up to the problem.

Will Sleeping for Longer Hours Mean Less Noticeable Dark Circles?

Waking up and finding dark under-eye pockets, and then struggling with an eye cream and concealer to fix them, is an experience with which we can all relate — and empathize. After all, it is not exactly seen as a marker of healthy-looking skin and vitality to have dark shadows under our eyes. Even with or without any research, dark circles can always make us look tired, sad, and old.

What are the Other Causes of Dark Circles Under the Eyes?

If you think of dark under-eye circles, there is one age-old idea that undoubtedly comes to mind — sleep! Nonetheless, it would not be straightforward to tell whether or not to get more sleep produces a lighter under-eye field. In reality, according to the Mayo Clinic, some of the most common causes of under-eye circles are asthma, eczema, exhaustion, rubbing or itching eyes, thinning the skin that comes with aging, and merely inheriting a tendency for it. Losing a few hours of sleep isn’t on the agenda. 

The Mayo Clinic does, however, list extra sleep as a possible way to help dark circles. According to the Mayo Clinic, besides, it is because even if short nights don’t usually cause under-eye circles, a lack of sleep will make your skin look pale. As a result, it will render under-eye shadows more visible. 

Nonetheless, if you’re struggling with puffiness under your eyes, the Mayo Clinic mentions a slightly different set of factors, like smoking, fluid retention, such as after consuming a very salty meal. Whether you’re looking to improve the appearance of under-eye circles or puffiness, it might be a good idea to get some extra sleep. 

We Asked Experts: Is Sleeping a Dose for Reducing Dark Circles Under the Eyes?

Early mornings, late nights, and the constant use of our smartphones and computers have left many of us with dark under-eye circles that we struggle to get rid of it. Experts always say to get more sleep, but is this having any effect on the appearance of dark circles? We asked the experts for it

Sleep is essential for your skin. During the day, your skin is in a protective state, relieving elements such as sun damage or oxidation, while at night, your skin is in a repair mode, regenerating new skin cells and cycling oxygen and nutrients.

Mostly, dark under-eye circles are the product of lifestyle habits such as smoking, over-indulgence of drinks, and not enough sleep. Lack of sleep will put your body in flight or battle mode, which ensures that your brain, like other vital organs, licks any single molecule of oxygen that it can from the blood. As a result, there would be more deoxygenated blood passes into our bloodstream to the other parts of the body.

Such black blood is particularly evident in the translucent skin around our eyes, and such is what triggers the presence of such discolored rings. If the skin receives less than the ideal fuel, it may appear gray and translucent with dark under-eye circles. 

“Beauty Rest” is True

Sleep is a period for healing, restoration, and recovery, and is key to anyone’s beauty routine. The busy day of life takes its toll on the eye area. Anyone who spends a long time in front of a screen, in the heat, in the air-conditioned atmosphere, or is a smoker may find the lines emerging early. All these factors stretch our eyes and the skin surrounding them, and this is not only because of age.

It’s significant to know if the eye cream you’re using matches your body. The skin surrounding the eye is good and quickly absorbs the drug, so you don’t want to strain it. The best way to find out is to use the serum overnight-use your ring finger to respect the exceptional quality of the skin and see if your eyes become puffy in the morning. If so, you’ll need to turn to a lighter form, such as a serum.

8 Reasons Why You Have Eyes the Look Tired

We’ve all been down there when someone said, “You look tired.” It’s hard enough when you just spent the night tossing and turning around. The fact is, often, individuals have dark circles or puffy eyes. While they are always hallmarks of a lack of sleep, other triggers have nothing to do with how many sleeping. In reality, you might have another health concern or lifestyle behavior that affects those tired-looking eyes that you might want to fix.


It produces a chemical called histamine that can dilate blood vessels, contributing to increased blood flow under the skin. Histamine often induces itchiness, which can also cause itching, irritation, and fluid buildup under the eyes, adding to dark circles and a sore look of the eyes, mainly when rubbing or scratching the eyes. This allergy-related puffiness can be treated relatively quickly with over-the-counter antihistamine drugs, as well as night-time cold compresses to minimize swelling.

Eye Strain

If you’re looking at a computer screen all day, or if you’re avoiding wearing contacts, you might be straining your head, and, shockingly, that might show up on your face. The rise in eye strain allows the blood vessels around the eye to dilate, which increases in blood flow can worsen the appearance of a human.

Bone Structure

Some people have a genetic predisposition to form dark circles under their eyes, which are often present as early as childhood. It may be a product of the contour of your head. A deep tear or a groove extending out from the inner corner of the eye along the cheek can create a visible semicircle under the eye. 


Many of us have the intention of drinking more water every day. It is a goal that seems surprisingly impossible to achieve nowadays. Dehydration is not only hazardous to our health. It is a productivity killer, which can make us feel tired. Dehydration decreases your blood volume. As a result, it makes your heart work less efficiently, leading to exhaustion. Remember, the skin around the eyes is susceptible to hydration and the environment.

Prominent Veins

Oxygenated blood in the vessels under the skin under the eyes often creates blue-black circles. It is because the skin around the eyes is porous, translucent, and extremely thin. As a result, it makes it easy for blood to flow through. Dark circles are most visible in the morning after we’ve been lying down, causing fluid to pool throughout the night. Sometimes vitamin K-based cream, applied twice a day, helps in eliminating dark vascular circles.


This factor can also contribute to dark circles in several ways. First, when we age, we lose elasticity and volume in our skin. It occurs when the fat in the face is lost, and the production of collagen slows down. As a result, it thins the skin, which causes it to lose its elasticity. As this thinning occurs, the blood vessels may become more visible under the skin, leading to the appearance of dark circles. Besides, the weakening of the connective tissue can cause skin sagging or bags that give a heavy, sleepy look.

Overeating Salty Foods

If the puffiness under your eyes gets worse in the morning, then it will eventually get better later in the day, it may be a result of fluid retention. Therefore, you can try decreasing the salt intake before going to bed. You can also avoid increasing your water intake before sleep. Also, try sleeping surrounded on a few pillows, and using an eye cream containing caffeine to limit blood vessels and reduce its puffiness.

Excessive Pigment Under the Eye

Many individuals also have more pigment or higher melanin that can contribute to deeper circles around their eyes. Therefore, we recommend using your index finger to slightly press under your eye to determine if you are looking at the darkness from pigment or something else. If you see a lowering of the circle and then it becomes dark again as you raise your finger, it may imply that the circle made up of blood vessels.

Final Words

When someone says that you look tired because of those circles under your eyes, just ignore them. However, you should continuously look for ways on how to reduce or eliminate those dark circles. You can try several natural methods to erase your dark circles, or you can consult your doctor about the best plan that you can try.

Oversleeping should not affect those dark circles under the eyes unless something happened before or during your rest. Therefore, you must watch out your food intake and have a well-balanced diet. At the end of the day, if you want to get back that glowing skin and beautiful face of yours, you must start by helping yourself.

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