BB 15’s Shamita Shetty has a fast repair to darkish circles

BB 15’s Shamita Shetty has a quick fix to dark circles&nbsp

There is one thing that all of us are battling – skin related troubles. Whether it’s dark spots that refuse to go away or blackheads that form a little bridge at the edge of our nose, we’re all battling at least one skin trouble. But one thing that is the cause of our irritation and anxiety is wrinkles that set in by our early 30s. The pigmentation around your lips and cheeks take time to set in, but the ones under your eyes set early on.

They first show when you wake up in the morning, after a really late night and then become more and more prominent. But there are a few quick fixes that can help reduce the lines around your eyes. While you can’t battle the lines forever, the early onset of dark circles can bring down your self-esteem a little. 

Bigg Boss 15 contestant Shamita Shetty had earlier shared her quick fix to dark circles apart from constant hydration. Speaking to Pinkvilla, Shamita said that the one thing that she always carries in her bag is a concealer. She uses a concealer on her bags and applies it gently until it blends well. When you’re going out or trying to battle a long night, this is the easiest way to hide those bags.

And here are a few ways to put a complete end to dark circles. 


One thing that leads to the early onset of wrinkles is the harmful ultra-violet radiation. Collagen is the main protein in your skin tissue and that gets damaged due to the sun rays. Never step outside your house without sunscreen, even during the monsoons. 

Gentle exfoliation 

Exfoliation is essential, but you need to keep in mind that you can’t be harsh with the skin around your eyes since it’s most sensitive. Whether it’s a face wash or a new scrub, ensure to be gentle and massage the area for at least a good 3 minutes before washing it off. 

Skin tightening mask 

Use a mask made with egg whites which have proven to accelerate skin tightening. The protein in the egg white aids elasticity and works in shrinking the pores, 


Whether you go to a spa or ask your mom for a remedy, they use direct slices of cucumber. It’s known to cool the cells around the eyes. With the amount of time we spend on the screen and amid pollution, cucumber cools the skin and the eyes that also tighten the skin. Whether it’s the slices or a purree, use cucumber at least twice a week to see instant results. 

Aloe Vera

If you suffer from hypersensitive skin, then stick to basics and massage the skin around your eyes with aloe vera gel twice a day on freshly cleansed skin. It’s easily available, economical, and works wonders for your skin. 

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