You possibly can’t do away with darkish circles however you’ll be able to disguise them

THERE is no doubt that two of the most popular beauty products in the world are eye cream and concealer, and it’s not a coincidence that they’re both for the undereyes.

The skin surrounding the eye area is very fragile and shows a multitude of sins, including rubbing it vigorously, unprotected sun exposure, and not getting enough sleep. Genetics also play an important part in the state of your undereye area. If any of your parents have dark circles, then you’re likely to inherit them. Of course, it’s a given that you get more wrinkles and fine lines around your eye area as you age. Meanwhile, puffiness is caused by a buildup of fluid and blood under the eyes. This is where eye creams and concealers come in. I will lump correctors along with concealers for the purpose of this article.

I don’t use eye cream often but I do acknowledge that it is different from a face cream or moisturizer. As mentioned, the skin in the eye area is thin and delicate. Many dermatologists say using an eye cream isn’t necessary and I kind of agree. Eye cream is simply, if you may,  an oilier and heavier version of your face cream.

I read an article somewhere that not every person is a candidate for eye cream use. A person who has dark circles and fine lines under their eyes may be a typical candidate. If you’re not such a person, a rich face cream may suffice.

Here are some of the most popular eye creams in the market.

Peter Thomas Roth’s Peptide 21 Wrinkle Resist Eye Cream has 21 peptides and neuropeptides and ingredients like Regu-Age, Reforcyl, and Gamma Proteins, which will help to address fine lines, puffiness, dark circles, and lack of elasticity over longtime use.

Biossance Squalane + Marine Algae Eye Cream is one of the most popular eye care products in Sephora. Because of its thin texture, this is good under makeup and will help your concealer from creasing.

Augustinus Bader The Eye Cream has a rich texture. It has peptides, along with vitamin C and B3 or niacinamide so it’s perfect for dark circles.

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix Synchronised Multi-Recovery Complex is an eye serum that comes with the brand’s proprietary Youth-Generating Power and a 360° Mesh Matrix Technology that cushions and supports the eye against micro-movement damage. What I love about this eye serum is the cryo-steel wand, which has a cooling effect.

I may be old school but my favorite eye cream is the Origins Ginzing Refreshing Eye Cream. I use the warm variant, which has a light tint is for those with medium-to-deep skin and warmer undertones. The ingredients of this eye cream are vitamin C, niacinamide, ginseng, caffeine and chicory root. I like it because it’s light and doesn’t make my eyes sting. On good days, I can use it and forego a concealer altogether. Ginzing Refreshing Eye Cream also works well with makeup.

Now, on to correctors and concealers. What do they do exactly? If you have really dark circles, a corrector will neutralize deep pigmentation. A concealer, on the other hand, will cover these dark circles.

A peach corrector underneath the eye will neutralize any blue discoloration, while a green one will neutralize redness. The Stila Correct and Perfect Color Correcting Palette is not just for the undereyes. There are different shades for every color-correcting concern. I’m not sure if this product is available in Rustan’s but if you want to find Stila products, that’s where you should go. If you want something simpler, the Smashbox Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector not only evens discoloration but also has a brightening effect.

As for concealer, my favorite remains the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Self-Setting Concealer because it does not crease and looks very natural under the eyes. One of the most popular ones in the market is the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, the one with the wand applicator. It is well-liked because of its natural finish. For a more affordable alternative, I like the Issy & Co. Active Concealer which comes in so many shades that there’s one which I use as a peach corrector and another one as a cream contour.

And then there are the new hybrid products that combine the benefits of an eye cream with the cosmetic effects of a concealer. Kiehl’s Youth Dose Eye Treatment has retinyl palmitate (a retinol derivative), ascorbyl glucoside (a vitamin C derivative), and antioxidant-rich grape-seed extract to help improve the look of fine lines and dark circles over time. Meanwhile, the Huda Beauty The Overachiever High Coverage Concealer has skin-care ingredients like green tea and rose extracts.

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