Why Do I Have Wrinkles Under Eyes At 20?

wrinkles under eyes at 20

Undereye lines are usually because of aging, but why some people already have wrinkles under eyes at 20? Well, that’s what we’re going to talk about in this article. Stay tuned and keep on reading because we have a bunch of information on questions, “why do O have wrinkles under eyes at 20?” Or what they call premature wrinkles.

Aside from aging, eye lines are also a result of other factors like smoking and sun damage. So, if you have been engaging with these unhealthy lifestyles, it is why you have wrinkles even in your 20s. Due to the changing habits and modernized environment, eye lines can happen to anyone regardless of age. 

When we are young, we always think that eye lines are only for aging, but guess what? Not anymore. More and more teenagers are getting involved with heavy drinking and frequent smoking, so no wonder why some of them have wrinkles on their young faces already. Read on for more about what to do with your twenties’ lines.

What Causes Wrinkles Under Eyes At 20?

The aging process causes us to lose the skin’s collagen and elasticity, and it gradually starts to lose, hollow, and droop. There are, however, other factors leading to the lines and wrinkles around the eyes that we can manage.

  • Squinting
  • Sun damage
  • Being too rough with the eyes
  • Lack of sleep
  • Lack of water and moisture

The best way to reduce wrinkles under eyes at 20 is to wear protective sunglasses to avoid squinting. As much as possible, wear SPF sunblock daily even in winter because the sun doesn’t disappear even in cold seasons, right? Avoiding frequent eye rubbing, applying creams, and drinking plenty of water are also essential tips. More importantly, get enough sleep and don’t do drugs, alcohol, and smoking.

Should You Use Creams For Wrinkles Under Eyes At 20?

They say, when you are young, you have more sensitive skin. So, should you use creams for treating wrinkles under eyes at 20? Fortunately, some eye creams are suitable for young ages and teenagers. An eye cream will help delay the aging process by battling some of those lifestyle problems that most people feel guilty.

After sun damage, an eye cream can help soothe and relax the skin. It maintains close up the skin and promote fluid drainage. You should also hold the skin moisturized, elastic, and tucked away, filling outlines and wrinkles. Eye cream helps to reduce the signs of aging that we already have in our 20s, but it can also avoid further signs of future growth.

11 Reasons You Might Have Wrinkles Under Eyes At 20

As far as problems go, wrinkles under eyes at 20 are a big deal. It is true, especially if you are not familiar with premature wrinkles. Those premature ones, however, typically have a cause other than healthy aging. Read on for some possible reasons and what to do with those lines that make you old and unhappy.

1.Sleeping On Your Stomach

Waking up every single day with pillow wrinkles is not precisely desirable. In fact, sleeping in the stomach will accelerate wrinkles under eyes at 20, so sleeping in the back is the way to go. However, it’s much easier to tell than done, so make sure it happens by cocooning in blankets. Alternatively, get one of those numbers that fancy you. It may not be as easy as that, but it does mean waking up wrinkle-free.

2.Sugary Snacks Are Your Favorites

Have you got a sweet tooth in you? You might want to control it because it is one of the causes of wrinkles under the eyes. Diets high in sugar and low in antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables result in poor skin nutrition and affect pro-aging. Steering away from sugars and sugary snacks and then going to fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and complex carbs.

3.You Avoid Using Sunscreens

Need to spray a sunscreen when you’re going to college or running any errands? If not, such small bouts of sun exposure may be what makes the skin wrinkle. Sun exposure is believed to account for up to 70% of skin aging. So do a favor to your skin, and without this SPF, don’t go a single day.

4.Water Bottle Always Goes Untouched

When you do not get those eight glasses a day, wrinkles under eyes at 20 is always possible. Drinking eight glasses a day does more than just keeping the body hydrated — by fending off dehydration keeps us looking young. It can make papery and fine lines look more apparent to the eyes. Water can be obtained from other sources such as fruits and vegetables. So start drinking, and keep hydrated.

5.You Live In A Smog Cloud

Do you live in a smog-filled town? If so, pollution clouds may be messing with your skin. Recent work has shown that air pollution on city dwellers’ faces can cause premature aging. Nonetheless, by getting an air purifier and adjusting your air filters, you can try transforming your apartment into a smog-free oasis. It could only make a difference for your skin.

6. You’re Into A Lot Of Happy Hours

Have you noticed how the wear after a night of drinking looks a little worse? Yeah, that’s all because of the alcohol’s lovely dehydrating effects. It dehydrates first and foremost, by serving as a diuretic. Paradoxically this contributes to occasional puffiness. In reaction to alcohol, the fragile skin of the eyelid retains fluid. So do a favor to your skin, and cut back on the drink. Or at least, you should make sure to drink more water.

7.Using A Lot Of Skin Care Products

When it comes to skincare products, you might think the better. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way, though. Applying more than guided to a substance may cause clogged pores or a blotchy complexion. What’s more, using too many items can lead to discomfort and redness, resulting in more visible signs of aging. Sticking to a routine will help restore your skin while slowing down the premature wrinkles.

8.Your Stress Levels Are Out Of Control

We all know that tension is harmful to the body, including the epidermis, which easily cracks. High levels of stress and lack of sleep pose a deadly recipe for skin health and youthfulness. It is due to elevated cortisol levels, which take a tremendous toll on your skin’s connective tissues. Take more time on yourself to keep things under control. Having time for stress-reduction practices is crucial – exercise, yoga, or meditation.

9.Exposure To Smoke

Unless you are a heavy smoker, then you know that your smoking will harm your skin. But for casual smokers, as well as those exposed to second-hand smoke, this is real. Tobacco and second-hand smoke can cause collagen breakdown and result in loose, ad saggy skin. In the form of lines above your mouth, chasing your lips to take a drag can cause wrinkles.

10.Lack Of Sleep

We’d just go to bed in a perfect universe, at 10 p.m. And good sleep until 7 a.m. However, these prescribed nine hours are pretty hard to get with our busy lives and Netflix and tension and all of that. And still, you’ve got to make it happen — if just for your skin’s sake. Although taking time for ourselves with hectic schedules is always tricky, it is essential for health, including that of our skin. So make it a point to get the rest you need and bask in your wrinkle-free skin afterward.

11.Squinting All Day Long

Taking a moment to think about the frequency in which you squint at your screen. Facial movements — such as squinting, lifting your eyebrows, or furrowing your brows — cause muscles to contract in certain places, making the skin wrinkle. Having your eyes tested will help because you can, in the squinting act, make an effort to catch yourself.


Sometimes, all you need in some relaxation to take off unwanted premature eye lines. If you have wrinkles under eyes at 20, you can do many things to remove it. It is all about making changes in your lifestyle, diet, and taking better care of yourself. If you want to look young, you have to work hard for it. Fortunately, there is an easy way – always go natural.

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