What’s the orange darkish circles concealer for?

Didn’t you sleep well and this also shows? This does not have to remain the case: dark circles are easy to cover, with a certain color of concealer.

The Association of the Personal Hygiene and Laundry Detergents Industry (IKW) in Germany points out that it will be especially useful to conceal deep circles under the eyes, using a concealer in shades of orange to apricot.

Nicole Neumann showed off her rhinestone makeup. (Photo: Instagram/@nikitaneumannoficial)

When to use yellow or orange concealer

If the areas under the eyes have a grayish to bluish appearance, a complementary color may be suitable to cover them. These are opposite colors in the palette. In this case, a yellow to orange concealer it is suitable for shadows that have a bluish effect.

The IKW points out that, in the case of light dark circles, it is usually enough to cover them with a moisturizing concealer that is a shade lighter than the skin itself.

She took out her makeup capsule and wowed her fans.  (Photo: @cinthia_fernandez_).She took out her makeup capsule and wowed her fans. (Photo: @cinthia_fernandez_).

How to use correctors

Concealers are introduced into the skin by light pats and then a touch of foundation is added.

There’s a reason why concealer should be gently patted onto sensitive skin: if products were to be spread on, the fine collagen and elastin fibers in the skin would be overtaxed. This could cause not only dark circles, but also wrinkles, be even more prominent.

Cosmetic experts also advise apply an eye gelfor example, products with hyaluronic acid or collagen, with soft circular movements in case of dark circles. Light massage reduces swelling.

It is important to apply the right products to each skin.  (Photo: Adobe Stock)It is important to apply the right products to each skin. (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Moisturizer and foundation

In winter, a little moisturizing eye cream It can also help protect the sensitive skin in this area from the oppressive dry, cold air.

And finally, makeup gives an impression of greater freshness after a night of little sleep. Instead of a dark eye contour, a light foundation on the skin or a tinted moisturizer.

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The IKW adds that a shimmering highlighter, for example in a champagne shadeapplied to the highest point under the eyebrow or in the inner corner of the eye, also makes the look look wake up and kind.

Beauty alert!  The orange concealer is used to hide deep dark circles

Once the issue of deep dark circles has been solved, the freedom to choose the make-up trend to follow is infinite: from smockey eyes to total nude or fluo colors are the game.

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