What Are The Ways In Removing Eye Bags Without Surgery

By Larese De Guzman / August 7, 2020
Ways In Removing Eye Bags

Do you want to remove eye bags without surgery, then here are some ways In removing eye bags naturally. On the journey through life, we all accumulate unwanted baggage, but the sort under the eyes is among the most unwelcomed. No one likes to have eyebags. It makes us look tired and older.

Fortunately, there are some ways to remove eye bags like staying healthy and keeping active for better blood circulation. Some massages would also help in eliminating those unwanted bags under your eyes.

You haven’t tried everything if you’ve never done at least one of the ways that we’re about to share. The question is, why eye bags happen to some people regardless of their age?

How Do Eye Bags Happen?

The eyebags are mainly genetics, according to scientists. Our eyes are cushioned with fat, and these fat pads usually protrude more in some men, even from a young age onwards. In other situations, as collagen and elastin begin breaking down, the fat pads become evident. It’s less to hold the fat in place, so it’s starting to bulge and shrink. At the same time, the face loses deeper volume, especially around the eyes and cheeks, making those small prominent pockets of the surface look even more apparent.

Due to fluid retention, eye bags may seem to come before you get to the point where the skin is sagging. If someone has been dehydrated, tired, or overeaten salt, their eyes can be puffing up. Sinus problems that affect lymphatic drainage can also make bags worse. If you think this could be a contributory factor, you should consult your GP. Whatever your eye bags are doing, what you want to know is how to repair them.

Do you want to find ways in removing eye bags? Well, keep on reading and learn more.

What Are The Ways In Removing Eye Bags Without Surgery?

As mentioned, you can do so many things to remove eye bags without surgery. Most people who are suffering puffiness have been successful in treating eye bags naturally. If you don’t have the budget for any operation or are only afraid of needles, try these easy ways to eliminate eye bags.

Eye Massages

Massaging eye bags with a jade roller starts from the inside corners and rolls to stimulate lymphatic drainage outwards. Make a strong cup of green tea, freezing it in an ice cube tray, then wrapping the cubes in a fine cloth and smoothing them gently over bags. Rubbing your eyes carefully helps trigger the secretion of tears and helps lubricate dry or itchy eyes.

Pressing the eyeball will activate the vagus nerve, which reduces your heart rate and relieves tension by activating your oculocardiac reflection. Beleive it or not, eye massages are one of the most effective ways in removing eye bags.

Do Some Makeup Tricks

If this is you, then first cover the circles. Do not mistake for concealer an illuminated brush, you’ll only create the illusion of bulgier bags. Use a concealer that is an exact match for your skin tone and try a peachy or orange color corrector first if the dark circles are still showing. The darker the skin, the darker the hue. You’ll know if it appears to fade into your skin, it’s the right shade.

To minimize the bags themselves, look down into a mirror and paint a slightly lighter matte concealer directly onto the bulgy area using a super fine brush. Ensure that you do that in a good, direct light and use a fingertip to tap and blend gently.

Smoothen Your Eye Bags With Filler Injections

If you are looking for a more drastic change, injecting fillers of hyaluronic acid into the ‘tear trough’ region will reduce the appearance of bagging eyes. You don’t want the bags themselves to add more space. However, where you have a more profound volume loss, which makes surface bags look worse. You can restore that volume using filler and create a smoother transition between the area of the eye and the cheek.

Make sure to consult with your physician first before buying any filler. Remember that it is a highly specialized treatment. The skin is the area where the tear trough is delicate, and there is a risk that visible lumps will remain. Soo, only someone experienced would do this procedure. If the skin decays dramatically, the only solution is surgery.

Non-Surgical Eyelift

Removal of the eye bag no longer implies going under the knife. Non-surgical eyelift procedures have become an increasingly popular option due to recent advances in the cosmetic industry. These are revolutionary alternatives to surgical procedures. It is an effective way in removing eye bags.

It uses plasma in contracting and tighten skin fibers in the affected area without damaging the surrounding tissue, getting rid of stubborn eye bags. The procedure is swift, affordable, and less invasive than a traditional eyelift, yet the results are just as fantastic, and the result will make your eyes look much more youthful.

Apply A Cold Compress

The simplest of them all – cold compress. It is free, and you need an ice bag or a clean towel and dry ice to do it. A cold compress is a simple treatment of the eye bag, which can be done in the comfort of your home. It’s fast, easy, and highly efficient. Some people like investing in a gel-eye mask. However, it also works as a few slices of chilled cucumber or potato. 

Cover your eyes, and lie down for about 20 minutes. The fresh feeling can help relieve the inflammation under your eyes – to alleviate puffiness and make your eyes appear much healthier and more alert.

Use Of Collagen-Building Cream

Step into a local health and beauty store, and you’ll find the shelves lined with countless eye creams – all of which can help the skin under your eyes moisturize and improve. It’s worth looking out for collagen-infused products, though. Particularly useful are those. A lack of collagen is often the cause of saggy under-eye skin, and these creams may make the target area appear smoother and firmer by slowly restoring the amount of that protein. They are an easy and affordable treatment for the eye bag that you can use daily.

Eat And Drink Well

It sounds counter-intuitive, but if you are dehydrated, your body will start retaining as much water as possible – this can make your eye bags look bigger and puffier. So it would be best if you always tried to drink at least eight glasses of water a day and avoid diuretics like caffeine and alcohol.

Eating a balanced diet will help get rid of the eye bags as well. Cut back on salt, which can encourage water retention under your eyes, and make sure you get your result in just five days.

When Is Surgery The Only Option?

Makeup, acupuncture, and needles can only do so much. Lower blepharoplasty surgery is your only option for more severe eye bags if you are serious about removing them. The technique hinges on the critical issue. If you have bags without too much loose skin, the fat inside the lower eyelid is removed or re-draped through an incision.

If there is loose skin, an expert will remove it through an incision just below the eyelashes and stretches about a centimeter outwards. It is hard to see and tends to recover remarkably well. Expect holding off for 10-14 days. Well done, surgery can make a dramatic improvement in appearance and confidence, but it’s expensive, and there are all the usual risks of both injection and general anesthetic.

Consult For Your Eye Bags

A cosmetic surgeon consultation is the easiest way to know whether you need dermal fillers or surgery for the eye bags. Different surgeons can have different opinions about the best method of treating you, so finding an experienced surgeon you can trust is crucial.

They would listen to your concerns about your eye bags during appointments at our office, assess what causes the bags. Moreover, you can work on a treatment plan that suits your particular needs and facial anatomy. In the end, it is all about your preference. Would you instead undergo surgery or remove your eye bags the natural way? If we were you, we’d choose the latter. Less pain, less expensive, and you don’t have to face any injections.

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