What Are The Reasons Of Puffy Eyes?

By Larese De Guzman / August 4, 2020
What Are The Reasons Of Puffy Eyes?

What are the reasons for puffy eyes whenever you wake up every morning? When sleeping, we are not even blinking, but why eye puffiness develops? Two primary reasons that may lead to this condition are stress and lack of sleep. In this article, let us give you some ideas of puffy eyes.

Blinking for eyelids is like a leg walking. When inactive, some people experience swelling in their lower extremities that will go away as soon as they start walking. Muscles in the legs begin to “milk” the accumulated fluids (edema), which are drained back into circulation.

A similar movement occurs in the eyelids. For those people susceptible to this issue, the closed, non-blinking eyelids during sleep can potentially swell. So you might wake up in the mornings with slightly puffy, swollen eyelids. When you wake up and start blinking slowly, some of the puffiness goes away. So, it leads us to the question – what are the reasons for puffy eyes?

7 Reasons For Puffy Eyes

However, these natural changes will not come from anywhere, and if your eyes are suddenly puffier than ever before, there may be something else to blame for it. Here are the common culprits of puffy eyes. If you want to resolve this problem, you should start by identifying what went wrong.

1.Consuming Too Much Salt

The first thing your puffy early-morning eyes might be blamed for is too much salt. When too much sodium is in your diet, the body is more likely to hold fluids. It’s because the cells have a delicate balance of sodium and potassium; when too much sodium reaches the cells, water follows to dilute it. It can also result in bloating, and cells being full of excess salt. When the product of fluid accumulation and extra salt in your diet is your puffy eyes, they can start to worsen in the morning. Another explanation is that when you’re sleeping, you don’t drink water overnight so that your body can get dehydrated by morning.

Cut down on your salt consumption, and then try to season your food with herbs and spices. When you consistently consume too much salt, your salt receptors will get overwhelmed; when you cut back, you’ll start appreciating smaller amounts of salt and other seasonings. Beware of sly sources of salt! You may not think you’re consuming too much salt if you’re not putting a shaker on the dinner table. However, condiments and sauces are notorious for their extra sugar and salt content, so be careful.

2.Watch Out For Your Allergies

Second reasons of puffy eyes is allergies. Your sleeping habits are another explanation you could wake up with puffy eyes. You may suffer from an allergy, which causes your body to produce histamine, which in response can cause inflammation, itching, and redness. So what’s the Sleep Link? If you wake up with puffy eyes, in your sleep, you may be allergic to something. If you recently purchased new bedsheets, try a new fabric softener or add an exotic plant to your decor.

Bear in mind that any of these could activate a histamine response and cause your eyes to puff up. On a similar note, if you want to sleep with the open door, the culprit might be pollen and allergens from outside! Tend to sleep with the windows closed to see if that can help with your morning symptoms; if you get warm during the night, you can either use an electric fan or invest in some lighter bed sheets.

3.Not Getting Enough Sleep

If you don’t get enough night sleep, or if it’s not enough sleep, then you may feel a rise in fluid and blood retention around your eyes coming in the morning. It is especially true if the dark circles or bags under your eyes also accompany your puffy eyes.

When you struggle to get a night’s sleep, a good sleeping routine will make a huge difference. Start winding down at least an hour before you go to bed by putting away your cell phone or tablet as your normal sleep cycle can be interrupted by the artificial blue light that they emit. By decreasing your temperature and helping your body get ready for sleep, taking a bath or shower before bed will help prepare your body for sleep.

4.Several Eye Conditions

Many skin problems may also be the reasons of puffy eyes. For example, conjunctivitis is typically the result of an infection, but it may also be caused by an allergy or contact lens. Many signs you might find are scratching redness and oily discharge alongside puffy eyes.

When you suffer from conjunctivitis, the essential thing to remember is to keep your eyes clean. Washing them gently with warm water and using an eyewash will help clean the discharge from your eyes. Be sure to wash your hands properly before and after touching your eyes, and use a clean face cloth and towel always. 

You should also avoid wearing contact lenses or lipstick because they can facilitate the growth of bacteria and hinder the healing process. Infective conjunctivitis can be extremely infectious, whereas forms of allergic and irritant are not. Nonetheless, washing your hands before and after touching or cleaning your eyes is always necessary. Should not share face-cloths or towels to avoid the spread of the infection.

5.Sleeping Without Removing Your Contact Lenses

If it comes to looking after your eyes, it’s a big no-no, and for a good reason. Sleeping with the contact lenses will allow bacteria to develop in the small gap between the lens and your eye surface. This can cause a host of eye problems and not just puffy eyes! Do it not! Ensure sure the contact lenses are still cleaned before bedtime.

6.Drinking Alcohol

You may find that you always seem to wake up in the morning with puffy eyes after a heavy night of drinking. Although you probably haven’t had your full eight hours, it could be down to dehydration too. When you overeat salt, when your body is dehydrated, it can store as much water as possible and save it for the future. Sometimes this can cause bloating and accumulation of fluids.

The skin under your eyes will hold fluid as your body swells with excess water, contributing to puffy, dark circles. To allow excess liquid to drain from around your eyes, try lifting your head slightly higher with an extra pillow at night. What’s more, mix your pints or drinks with a good glass of soda.

Consider buying duplicates that will make you drink more alcohol than you originally planned, and get tipsy even quicker than expected, leaving you hungover the next day and leading to signs of dehydration like puffy eyes.

7.Not Enough Water Intake

This tip follows from the last because even without touching a drop of alcohol, you can get dehydrated. When you don’t drink water enough, the body will go through the same motions and fluids in stockpile. Hence, it becomes one of the reasons of puffy eyes. Especially in the morning, if it has been eight hours since you went to bed and since you last had an H20 drink. 

If you’re concerned about peeing in the middle of the night, you should avoid drinking about an hour before bedtime. You can also stop drinking tea or coffee at night, as they can serve as a diuretic and cause your bladder to release urine more frequently. Excreting all your precious water before bed and spending eight hours in a liquid-free sleep does not support your eye bags in the morning! 

If you fail to drink enough water during the day, you could be motivated to have a glass every hour or so by putting a small reminder on your phone or work computer. Instead of investing in a large bottle of water, always seek to drink small quantities to keep the body hydrated and avoid those nasty puffy eyes.


If you think you are experiencing some of the reasons for puffy eyes, don’t hesitate to consult with your doctor. If it bothers you a lot, you can start with some of our home treatments and observe whether it would make the situation better or worse. Just like dark circles, puffy eyes will always look unwanted in so many ways. If you want to get rid of it, make some effort to treat it first. Here’s everything you need to know about lower swollen eyelids.

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