What are the explanations for the Darkish circles?

By Dark Circles Free / December 11, 2022

What are the reasons for the Dark circles?

No matter how beautiful you are, if there are dark circles under the eyes, then they destroy all the beauty. There are many reasons responsible for the dark circles around the eyes. Keep one thing in mind, if you do not eliminate the cause of these dark circles, these stains will not go away. These stains will not go away, if you do not stop the cause. 

These reasons are responsible for the dark circle

The reason behind dark circles is your diet which lacks vitamin c along with colourful fruits and vegetables and proteins. vitamin a and E deficiency are also responsible for this. Low haemoglobin or iron deficiency is also a reason.

Screen time means giving time of 5 hours on mobile or laptop.

The habit of repeatedly rubbing the eyes gives rise to dark circles. Rubbing causes post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Smoking or the use of alcohol also increases dark circles. They release free radicals due to which dark circles grow rapidly.

Not applying moisturizer and sunscreen under the eyes also invites dark circles.

Using too much eye makeup like kajal, eyeliner or spot high cream etc.

Apart from this, these reasons are also responsible for the blackness around the eyes.

Insufficient sleep


Decrease in haemoglobin

Insulin resistance

Cosmetic allergies

Eye allergies

Allergy to pollution, fragrance etc.

Sun exposure

Iron deficiency

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