Vibrant eye baggage are trending – they usually’re really sort of gorgeous

By Dark Circles Free / December 9, 2021

Drawn on eye-bags are so six months ago.

In the world of modern beauty, it can be hard to anticipate the next big makeup trend.

Earlier this year, for instance, the beauty bloggers of TikTok got into the habit of drawing on under eye bags to make themselves appear more tired.

Recently, however, a teenage makeup artist has taken that trend to the next level with her stunning creations on TikTok.

17 year old Pippa Barnes, or ‘the eyebag girl’ as she calls herself in her bio, has been dazzling her 350,000 followers with her colourful eye bags.


@pippabarnes;)♬ Hello Baby feat. Fivio Foreign – Young M.A & Fivio Foreign

This uber-talented makeup artist began the trend in on order to “spice up” the original dark circle look. She also wanted to turn her “insecurities” into “something beautiful”.

Pippa breaks down the look step by step in a handy tutorial.

She starts by doing the rest of her makeup first and the hones in on her eyes. She primes the area under her eyes, as well on top.

Next, she grabs some black eyeshadow and taps it into the crease below her eye, and along her bottom lid. As Pippa is going for a blue look, she taps some navy eyeshadow onto the back, and then grabs a “normal” shade of blue. She uses this colour to blend out the dark edges.


@pippabarnesIt’s so strange seeing something I’ve been insecure about my whole life become popular ??‍♀️ ##eyebags ##colourfuleyebags ##howto ##makeup♬ Aesthetic – Xilo

Once the eyeshadow is nicely blended, Pippa grabs a black coal liner to line her top and bottom lids. To complete the look, she pops some on a smokey eye on top.

Now, it’s worth noting that Pippa is an absolutely incredible MUA, so the colourful eye bags tutorial may be easier said than done, but Pippa says practice is perfect.

@pippabarnesReply to @ies.pipel for my softer girls gays and theys 😉 part 2 is up now! ##colourfuleyebags♬ original sound – Pippa Barnes :))

For daunted newcomers, Pippa’s advice is to be patient. Practice the technique in the safety of your own room. Once you’ve nailed it, you can experiment, as Pippa does, with a variety of colours and themes.

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