Velamo Superior Retinol Eye Stick Tackles Darkish Circles in 10 Days

By Dark Circles Free / December 14, 2022

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Riddle me this: When’s the last time you felt comfortable enough to skip concealer when going out into the world? For some shoppers, it’s now more often than ever thanks to one “miracle” product. Now, hear me out: The Velamo Advanced Retinol Eye Stick has an 89 percent approval rating on Amazon from reviewers who swear by its efficacy, and for the greater good of all those who suffer from dark circles, I’ve spent my afternoon doing some digging.

At first glance, the under-the-radar brand may look like a gamble, but with 1,200 five-star ratings and a $20 price tag—it’s currently 20 percent off—let’s all take a moment to assess. 

The eye treatment balm is a fast-acting solution to typical skin concerns you know and hate, including dark circles, puffiness and fine lines (we’re gossiping about you, crows feet). With consistent use, it leaves behind brighter, more rested-looking skin in its wake. Described by the brand as a “do-it-all balm,” the formula quickly locks in moisture for smoother, plumper under-eyes, with results apparent to the naked eye in as fast as three to four weeks. Although, one reviewer saw changes as quick as 10 days in, but more on that later.


Velamo Advanced Retinol Eye Stick

Beyond a gem of a formulation—retinol, power peptide complex, vegan squalane, and astaxanthin—the balm’s packaging also makes it pretty convenient to incorporate into a busy routine. Its stick design allows you to easily swipe on the product wherever you please, and without the added risk of bacteria from your hands, unlike jar packaging. Since it is a balm and therefore a thicker consistency, the brand recommends avoiding tugging of the skin during application. 

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I’m personally a huge fan of balm formulas during the colder months, so you can bet I, alongside its existing fan base, will be scooping one up this December. Speaking of fans, let’s divert to reviewers for the hard hitting facts.

“I have had dark circles under my eyes forever (thanks, genetics) to the point that sometimes I wake up looking like I have a less than secret boxing career,” wrote one. “After years cleaning out Sephora, this is my new favorite product! I no longer have to wear concealer under my eyes to look human. It has also pretty much taken my forehead creases out.”

“I have been battling hereditary dark circles under my eyes for years. Now at 56 I feel like they are just getting worse,” shared a second. “I have been using this eye stick for about 10 days and I am seeing a real difference. It is actually plumping up the eye area.”

Now go forth and pick one up for yourself while it’s on sale.

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