Uorfi Javed noticed in informal look; hides her swollen eyes and darkish circles together with her palms, Watch Video

Uorfi Javed: On Tuesday night, a video of glamour girl Urfi Javed went viral on social media. Urfi Javed had arrived late at night for dinner. The paparazzi then surrounded her. Urfi wore no makeup and wore a green big size T-shirt and shorts. Her hair was unkempt. She was simply hiding her face from the cameras. She was attempting to hide her face with her hair. Urfi using her hands to cover her swollen eye and hiding behind a mask. Anyone who saw Urfi in this light would be shocked. Paparazzi desired to photograph Urfi in any manner he could. This panic also affected a photographer and he fell.

Uorfi Javed was seen in casual look

Urfi Javed was followed by paparazzi even after she arrived at the restaurant. Outside, paparazzi were seen attempting to photograph Urfi Javed. A scar may be seen under one of Urfi’s eyes in the photos she has released. Under the eyes, dark circles are readily apparent. The actress’s eyes are likewise swollen. Everyone is taken aback by Urfi’s new appearance. At the same time, many fans were relieved to see Urfi dressed in full and casual attire. People are making funny remarks about Urfi’s video.

Uorfi never fails to hit headlines

Every day, Urfi Javed is in the spotlight on social media. Her unconventional and daring fashion taste is well known. Urfi’s every appearance is stunning, and she has been teased numerous times for her daring ensembles. Urfi Javed is also in the news lately for wearing exposing clothing in public. These comments, however, do not appear to affect the glamour girl. She is a social media sensation for her bold dress experimentation.

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