Underneath Eye Blush Is The TikTok Hack That Erases Darkish Circles

TikTok is the spot to look to for easy, real life makeup tips you didn’t know you needed. Creators are constantly hitting their audiences with new, but surprisingly useful, beauty hacks like body slugging and jaw highlighter. The latest fad to sweep the platform is under eye blush, which can easily be searched with the #undereyeblush hashtag. The trend is exactly what it sounds like: A way of strategically placing blush under your eyes. The goal: To help cover up dark circles, which are notoriously difficult to camoflauge. “By lightly sweeping the blush upwards, it helps to cancel out those blueish gray tones — think of it almost as color correcting,” says TikToker @Paintedbyspencer.

The makeup artist, who has a loyal following of over half a million, was an early adopter of the trend and the pro’s initial video has since garnered over 1.3 million views. The expert explains that if you do indeed have dark circles, the trick can be “life changing.” The makeup lover also admits to using the technique “every time.” “When I work on somebody who has really hollow or dark under eyes I can use the most full coverage concealer, the most full coverage foundation, the most full coverage powder…and I’ll still get that blueish-gray tone showing through, and it’s so frustrating,” explains Spencer.

“You can’t just use any blush…I find it most effective when it’s a pink, or coral, or peach-y blush. That’s what’s going to cancel out those tones,” the artist explains. Also of prime importance: the blush cannot have any shimmer in it. “It has to be matte because shimmer, or that highlighter effect, is going to accentuate pores and fine lines,” says the pro. To apply, Spencer advises doing your foundation and concealer first. Then, go in for eye makeup. As a last step Spencer uses some powder blush right under the eyes. “It doesn’t have to be an obscene amount of blush, a little does it,” says the aficionado.

And while Spencer uses a powder blush, other creators are branching out and employing liquid formulas. @Makeupbyalissiac, for instance, adds a few additional steps. She first applies a liquid blush at the same time she does a concealer and then blends both formulas together at once. She follows up with a translucent powder, then tops it off with a second blush — this time a powder. Whether you use a powder or liquid is up to your own discretion, just be sure to blend thoroughly. The result: “A cohesive, blended doll-like look,” notes Spencer as a final thought.

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