Trolls say my eye luggage spoil my face, some even assume I ought to get filler to repair it

By Dark Circles Free / November 14, 2022

WE ALL HAVE insecurities, whether that’s based on our facial features, body shape, or personality traits.

But there’s now a trend on social media telling people to point out their insecurities by covering the feature that ‘ruins their face.’


The woman was trolled over her eye bagsCredit: TikTok/@ritagali_
Some said she should get filler to fix it but others thought her eye bags were cute


Some said she should get filler to fix it but others thought her eye bags were cuteCredit: TikTok/@ritagali_

And it seems thousands of people have jumped on the trend, including the TikToker, Rita Gali.

Rita posted a short clip of herself with the words: “Cover what ruins your face.”

The Spanish beauty who has over 300k followers on TikTok and 20 million likes then hid underneath her eyes with her fingers.

After a few seconds, Rita quickly removed her fingers to reveal what the underneath of her eyes looked like.

Trolls say my nose ruins my face but I don’t care, I still think I'm prettyI’m trolled over my huge eyes, people say they ruin my face but I don’t care

She then smiled at the camera as she turned the video off.

And the video amassed over 4,000 comments, 500k likes and eight million views.

People quickly took to the comments section to reveal their thoughts, with some trolls claiming she should get filler.

One wrote: “Filler baby. I did 2mls in total in two separate treatments a few months apart. filled it in and looks natural.”

Another penned: “Tear trough filler!”

A third commented: “very lucky honestly this is easily corrected with filler!!”

However, plenty of people stated Rita looked amazing and that her ‘eye baghs’ were cute.

One person added: “They are cute.”

Another claimed: “I like them and they look good on you.”

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