Tricks to Conceal Darkish Circles with out Make-up

Dark circles are a problem that many women and girls suffer from, and it abounds in summer due to the frequent staying and irregular sleep during the evening hours.

Here are some instructions and magical tips to reduce dark circles significantly.

*Tip 1

Warm red tea compresses are a magical solution to hide dark circles and make the eyes appear shiny. These compresses accept any inflammation of the eyelids and show the luster of the eyes.

*Tip 2

Ice cube is a magic key to reducing puffiness around the eye, reducing dark circles, and tightening the skin area around the eyes, and it can also be passed on to the skin to give freshness to the skin.

*Tip 3

It is recommended to rely on aloe vera gel, as it is a strong moisturizer for the skin in general and the area around the eyes, reduces fine lines, and smoothes the skin.

*Tip 4

Cucumber is a vegetable that is rich in moisturizers, nutrients, and vitamins in the form of liquid substances that penetrate the skin and are easily absorbed by the skin.

Cucumber moisturizes the area around the eyes and it is recommended to cut very thin slices from its bitter tip because it is more beneficial for the skin and to cover the entire eye area with these slices.

*Tip 5

Sleeping is a very important process for the color and clarity of the skin, and if you have a special occasion, make sure to get a nap for one to two hours at most to have a bright face and clear eyes.

Contributed by Israa Farhan

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