TikTok pink under-eye concealer hack: does it cover darkish circles?

I’m constantly on the lookout for tricks to make my under-eye areas look brighter and more awake. I do suffer from dark circles after sleepless nights or particularly salt-heavy food days, so when I heard a new hack promising to conceal fatigue was doing the rounds on TikTok, I had to give it a go.

I’m not going to lie, it sounded a bit ridiculous to me. Why would I want to put a blush underneath my concealer? Surely it will just make it look like I’ve been up all night crying? Regardless, I grabbed my concealer, a liquid blush and some setting powder.

The hack is very simple and involves only a couple of steps. I’m no makeup guru – a smoky eye is a push for me – and I managed this fine.

Zoe tests out the pink concealer hack

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All you need to do is apply your base makeup as usual, then take your liquid blusher in a pink shade. Dot it underneath your eyes, or apply it with your fingertips, then blend it out like you would a concealer.

Once that’s done, dot on your regular concealer and blend that out over the top. Set the layers with a translucent powder and finish off the rest of your makeup.

To try this hack, I used By Terry CC Brightening Blush in shade Rosy Flash, £32 here, and Morphe Filter Effect Soft Radiance Concealer in shade 2, £12 here. I love both of these for their regular purposes, so I’d recommend adding them to your spring makeup bag regardless of whether it’s for this hack or not. Morphe, in particular, is one of the only concealers I’ve found that really lasts hours without creasing.

We used Morphe's Filter concealer and By Terry's CC blush

We used Morphe’s Filter concealer and By Terry’s CC blush

The hack involves layering concealer over a pink blush

The hack involves layering concealer over a pink blush

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So, what did I think of the final look? If you’re watching my video then you’ll be able to see a comparison between my right under-eye with the pink blush and the concealer, and my left under-eye with just my normal concealer.

I have to say, the final look wasn’t the disaster I was expecting. I didn’t, in fact, look like I had severe allergies. I actually thought that the slight pink undertone gave my complexion a bit of a youthful tone and brightness.

However the difference between my two under eyes wasn’t huge, and I’d be hard pushed to really tell which one had the pink blush.

I will note, after I applied the blusher on my cheeks, the side where I had pink concealer blended very seamlessly into my cheek blush – there wasn’t a harsh colour difference between my concealer ending and my blusher starting. It was a flattering effect.

Will I be doing this hack every morning? Probably not, no. Of all the craziness coming from TikTok, though, I do think there is SOME sense to this one. After all, it’s just a more gimmicky way of colour correcting before applying concealer.

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