This Refreshing Hyaluronic Acid Eye Cream Pale Customers’ Darkish Circles “Inside 2 Weeks”

Amazon Brightening Eye Cream


If you’re looking to subdue your dark circles, slapping on just any eye cream won’t cut it. Not all formulas are created equal; you’ll want to look for one that specifically treats shadowy, puffy eyes, like the Beaueli Awaken Eye Cream. Though it caters to improving the appearance of under-eye bags and darkness, the popular seller also comes highly recommended by Amazon shoppers for its ability to lift sagging skin and soften dryness without ensuing irritation or burning effects.

The brightening eye cream’s band of skin-soothing ingredients are to credit — hyaluronic acid plumps tired eyes, nicotinamide (vitamin b3) diminishes uneven texture and tone, and panthenol (vitamin b5) boosts elasticity, while the inclusion of peptides encourages stronger collagen production with every use. What’s more, the tube comes equipped with a de-puffing metal roller tip that leaves behind a cooling sensation; one reviewer equated the feeling to a “mini face massage.”

Beaueli Awaken Eye Cream

Beaueli Awaken Eye Cream


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You’ll find lengthier reviews full of praise from other Amazon shoppers in the comments section. One person wrote the eye cream’s price should “be in the hundreds” considering the visible results they’ve seen within the span of two weeks that rival the effects of expensive procedures they’ve done in the past. A separate reviewer claims the eye cream began to show results within 24 hours of their first application, with more notable differences after a week’s time. “No more dark circles, and I haven’t had to use as much concealer,” they wrote. “My skin is also firmer and smooth.”

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Even more shoppers share that the eye cream also works wonders on other areas of the face. “While reading the instructions, it said it can be used around the mouth,” one shopper in their mid-40s commented. “I did notice my laugh lines were not as noticeable. I have now added this to my evening skincare routine and am so pleased,” they wrote of their 7-day results. Several other shoppers reported improvements on their forehead wrinkles from regular applications of the anti-aging cream, too.

In need of a working formula that won’t break the bank? Consider adding the Beaueli Awaken Eye Cream to your regimen for $19.

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