This Firming Eye Cream Erased My Darkish Circles in Weeks

As a beauty writer, I’ve had the opportunity to test so many amazing products. That being said, I still choose chaos on a weekly basis by impulse purchasing skin care based off a celebrity endorsement or TikTok review. While many of these finds inevitably miss the mark, every once in a while I’ll discover something that can only be described as life-changing. (BTW: These are the best anti-aging eye creams, according to dermatologists.)

For instance, early into spring I was becoming increasingly angsty over my latest skin issue: chronic dark circles. No matter how many hours of sleep I clocked or layers of hydrating cream I applied, the puffy rings sat stubbornly under my eyes. So when a friend mentioned liking a sample of the DHC CoQ10 Eye Cream, I added it to my cart without hesitation. 

Unbeknownst to me, this particular formula included one ingredient that’s been a hero in Japanese skincare for years: Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). The naturally occurring antioxidant  protects skin from environmental stressors like UV rays, in turn slowing down the aging process and preventing damage. The eye cream is also formulated with shea butter and vitamin C, which help brighten and moisturize the under-eye area. (Psst: These are the best anti-aging vitamin C to brighten, firm, and protect skin)

To use, I followed the product’s instructions by patting the velvety cream into the delicate skin around my eyes after cleansing and toning (I even topped it with some Vaseline to seal in the moisture.) After one week, I noticed a reduction in my dry, bumpy under-eyes, and, to my disbelief,  any puffiness I had completely vanished, too. By the time the tube was empty (about three weeks later), my usual dark discoloration was barely visible (a huge win for my concealer budget.) Since my first purchase I’ve already bought a new tube of the DHC CoQ10 Eye Cream, and am well on my way to needing a third.

For a dark circle-eraser that you can (safely) bet on, you can head to Dermstore and add this miracle cream to your cart for 20 percent off with the code SUN at checkout.

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