This $25 Amazon Eye Cream Acquired Rid of My Darkish Circles

I believe in the power of caffeine — not just to fuel my day, but to help tackle my dark under-eye circles, too. While dark circles can be genetic, they crop up for me after a lackluster night’s sleep, but fortunately this $25 caffeine eye cream has helped banish them for good.

I came across the Beauty by Earth Coffee Bean Eye Cream while searching for an affordable but high-quality eye treatment. Packed with anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties like aloe vera and sea buckthorn, the caffeine-infused eye cream is formulated to hydrate, brighten, and soothe the under-eye area. The coffee bean extract helps reduce water retention, which can lead to dark circles and bags, according to the brand. It has a lightweight consistency (somewhere between a moisturizer and oil), and a nice cooling effect on the skin.

The eye cream has been a staple in my morning routine for five months now and I plan to order a new tube soon — it’s just that good.


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Caffeine in skincare isn’t anything new — tons of brands have incorporated the ingredient in eye creams, moisturizers, and scrubs due to its antioxidant benefits, ability to decrease puffiness, and overall power to improve the skin’s appearance and elasticity. I can confirm that the Beauty by Earth eye cream has definitely done all that. Before, my under-eyes were puffy in the morning and ringed with bluish circles. After months of consistent use (I apply about a small dollop of the cream to my face every morning), the area feels brighter, hydrated, and the dark circles are gone. Seriously, they’re gone.

A scroll through Amazon reviews shows I’m not alone in my devotion. One customer said they’re “blown away” by how much the cream has brightened their under-eyes, while another shopper raved that it’s the “best eye cream bar none.” “Depuffs like a pro, hydrates, nourishes, and seems to improve lashes too,” they wrote.

As someone who’s tried out everything from pricey picks to drugstore finds, the budget-friendly Beauty by Earth Coffee Bean Eye Cream has really won me over. Grab your own little tube of magic on Amazon, here.

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