This $20 Vitamin C Serum Fades Darkish Circles, Fantastic Traces, and Hyperpigmentation Inside a Week

By Dark Circles Free / February 21, 2022

iHerb Vitamin C Serum


As a beauty writer, I recognize skincare is complicated. It seems like new ingredients, application methods, and terms emerge from obscurity every month — and keeping up with it all can be overwhelming. Case in point: When I saw the bottle of goopy, bright orange (translation: expired) vitamin C serum that my roommate had been applying daily, I cringed. She was blissfully unaware that the new texture indicated the serum was past its prime, but once it was pointed out by yours truly, she had an aha! moment about her recent crop of breakouts.

Most retailers won’t give you full transparency about how fresh their formulations are, which is why iHerb is a hidden gem. You’ll find expiration or best-by dates on most of the product pages, which they equate to “holding the actual product in a traditional store.” And while there’s a hefty selection of top-quality items to choose from within the site’s beauty category, the Azelique Serumdipity Age Refining Vitamin C Facial Serum holds one of the highest ratings.

Azelique Serumdipity Age Refining Vitamin C Facial Serum

Azelique Serumdipity Age Refining Vitamin C Facial Serum


Shop now: $20;

It’s a straight-up fact that vitamin C is one of the best ingredients for your skin; it can lighten dark spots, smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, and brighten dullness like no other. And according to more than 6,400 glowing reviews, shoppers believe the iHerb branded vitamin C serum is one of the best (and most affordable) options you can try. The fast-absorbing treatment contains stabilized vitamin C (a more effective version of the ingredient), essential fatty acids from the jojoba plant, and hyaluronic acid, which work in tandem to deliver a more youthful-looking complexion.

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Don’t just take my (or the brands) word for it: Verified reviewers say it “solves many skin problems” and report lighter acne scars, less hyperpigmentation, smoother skin texture, fewer breakouts, and a near-complete disappearance of dark circles underneath their eyes within the first week of use. Even more note how it dries down “so fast” on the skin and doesn’t leave any “weird sensations,” such as a sticky or greasy feel.

“The consistency is so light and the results are prompt,” said a fan who called the product “by far the best face serum” they’ve ever used. “The dark spot under my lower lip/ upper chin is being reduced thanks to the magical formula of this product” they added. Even a 61 year-old shopper said the “rich” consistency has made their face feel softer and minimized wrinkles, writing that “all around, even when I don’t add my moisturizer on top, my skin [still] feels more hydrated.”

The latest batch of the Azelique Serumdipity Age Refining Vitamin C Facial Serum is set to expire in August, so get your hands on its glory as soon as possible to ensure you have plenty of time to reap the benefits.

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