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The Retinol Eye Stick That “Drastically” Improves Wonderful Strains and Darkish Circles Is the Most cost-effective It is Ever Been

Peace Out Skincare Retinol Stic

Courtesy of Peace Out Skincare

Mid-late December babies will tell you the pain of having a birthday that falls near a holiday. But the exception is when a brand’s anniversary lines up with an annual celebration — which is exactly what’s happening right now at Peace Out.

We may be approaching the Fourth of July weekend, but it’s also Peace Out’s fifth birthday, so from June 29 to July 5, you can get 30 percent off all products. Better yet, on July Fourth, the discount jumps to 35 percent. As someone who goes through a sheet of Peace Out pimple patches a week — and has just hit the bottom of their Retinol Eye Stick, I am always thrilled to see a sale on these items, especially one the brand confirms is its steepest discount of the year.

As a regular user of the brand, I can attest  there is no dud among its 22 products and bundles. It’s hard to play favorites in a lineup this good, but if you were to walk away with one product, it should be the aforementioned Retinol Eye Stick. It will run you $28 at full price, but is only $20 through July 5, or as low as $18 on July Fourth.

Peace Out Retinol sticks

Peace Out Retinol sticks


Shop now: $18–$20 (Originally $28); peaceoutskincare.com

The Retinol Eye Stick hits the  hard to strike trifecta: it’s affordable, beauty editor-approved, and highly rated by customers. (Last year, it was one of the most popular products among InStyle readers.) Between Sephora, Amazon, and the Peace Out website, it has over 1,000 five-star ratings with happy customers singing their public praises.

Retinol products often feel like they’re targeted to an older demographic  and seem too serious for someone in their late 20s to be using. Peace Out’s Retinol Eye Stick is an inviting entry point to both retinol and eye care products. The active ingredient is encapsulated (i.e. relatively gentler) retinol, which also makes it ideal for people like me who have sensitive, irritation-prone skin. The no-fuss balm stick also makes it easy to apply. I notice that my eyes are moisturized, soothed, and less dark when I remember to use this consistently.

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Other shoppers praise the Retinol Eye Stick for similar reasons. One reviewer described themselves as having “the world’s most sensitive skin” and said, “Not only does it work, but [I also had] no adverse reactions.” Another shopper over the age of 55 said, “[It] improved my wrinkles within a week.” A couple of reviewers said it “drastically” improves dark circles, with another shopper writing that their “very dark, hereditary under eye circles” diminished after just three days of use.

If you are looking for a retinol for the rest of your face, too, I recommend the Retinol Power Duo, which includes the Retinol Eye Stick and Retinol Face Stick. If purchased individually at full price, you’d pay  $62, but bundled together, you can get the duo for $48. One better, for the next few days, you can score the set for as low as $34 —  the regular price of the Face Stick, alone.

Whether you’re going for sheets of Acne Dots and Pore Strips or taking my advice and trying the Retinol Stick products, now is the best time of the year to stock up on Peace Out products.

Peace Out Retinol sticks

Peace Out Retinol sticks


Shop now: $34 (Originally $48); peaceoutskincare.com

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