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The One Vitamin You Ought to Be Having Each Morning To Get Rid Of Extreme Eye Luggage, As soon as And For All

By Dark Circles Free / November 10, 2021

If there’s one thing everyone can agree on, it’s that we need an easy solution for undereye circles. We all struggle with dark circles under the eyes, whether they’re a frequent concern or only something we notice every once in a while.

Undereye bags can be caused a wide array of factors, ranging from habits like lack of sleep or skincare steps to genetics or medical conditions.

Yet no matter where your dark circles stem from, there is one solution we recently found that may work to resolve any undereye issue. And it’s as simple as adding an extra vitamin into your morning routine: vitamin C.

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vitamin c best supplement undereye circles


Skincare experts have always recommended vitamin C for several skincare concerns. This is because vitamin C is known to strengthen the skin, promote collagen production and help retain moisture. Meaning: vitamin C can help your skin repair itself from all types of damage, including dark circles.

You can easily get more vitamin C into your routine by changing up your diet a bit. Eat a citrus fruit like grapefruit or an orange with your breakfast, or even add some vitamin C-rich veggies to an omelette, like tomato or red pepper.

While the best way to get more of any vitamin is through food, you can also increase your intake by having a vitamin C supplement everyday.

vitamin c best supplement undereye circles

Vitamin C can also work another way: topically. There are a ton of beauty products made with vitamin C – and several formulated to specifically target undereye circles.

One of our favorites is the Honest Beauty Depuff +C Eye Cream, because it delivers noticeable results with an affordable price of $23.99 Made with vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and daisy flower extract, this incredible eye cream brightens the skin, decreases puffiness and promotes an overall youthful appearance.

Find more of our favorite undereye products here.


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