The Life-Altering Basis Hack For Hiding Beneath-Eye Baggage (It Works Immediately!)

By Dark Circles Free / November 11, 2021

Under-eye bags and dark circles are one of those universal beauty problems that seem to impact everyone. Whether you’re struggling to conceal the evidence of late night, or just looking to achieve a more youthful appearance, focusing on this area first is a good idea.

Establishing a skincare routine with an emphasis on under-eye care can reduce the signs of aging over time, but for some people, dark circles or under-eye puffiness can be genetic. This means that the issue can’t be cured with creams, gels or jade rolling alone. So, what’s to be done? We’ve got some good news-even if you fall into this category, you can still work a little magic with makeup.

We connected with celebrity makeup artist Robert Sesnek (whose clients include Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner) to discuss his life-changing foundation hack for covering under-eye bags with makeup. Keep scrolling for more!

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Step 1: Hydrate your skin ahead of time

“My first recommendation for under-eye bags is to ensure you’re using an eye cream morning and night,” Robert tells us, adding that he loves to use CATRICE’S Hydro Depuffing Eye Serum roll-on eye serum to achieve the desired effect.


Not only will continued hydration improve the overall look of your skin, but consistently using an eye cream minimizes the look of bags over time, allowing for a smoother makeup application.


Step 2: Apply Makeup

Once your eye area is sufficiently moisturized, it’s time to start applying makeup. But that doesn’t mean slapping on a little bit of concealer and calling it a day!


“To combat both puffiness and dark circles, use a peachy or more neutral shade of foundation,” Robert says. “Then, softly build under the eyes and lightly layer until you achieve the coverage you desire. Afterward, layer your foundation over the eye bags and blend under the eyes for a seamless look.”


But if you’re only struggling with under-eye bags (versus dark circles), a different approach may be required. According to Robert, “using a small concealer brush, apply your shade of foundation just in the shadow of the bag, NOT the bag itself. This will give the illusion of no shadow and will not draw attention to the entire bag itself. I love CATRICE’S True Skin Hydrating Foundation. This foundation offers medium to full coverage, is incredibly long-wearing, and contains Hyaluronic acid for a hydrated and plumped appearance.” Noted!


Step 3: Set & Bake

For a final step, setting and baking after covering under-eye bags and dark circles will brighten the area so everything looks smooth and seamless. Wondering what that means exactly? As a refresher, “baking” refers to letting powder sit on your skin for a few minutes, so that your body heat can “bake” the makeup underneath and eliminate creases.


To do so, “take a powder that is finely milled and specifically for setting and baking, and apply heavily to the under-eye area,” Robert advises. Though he prefers to use a small detail brush, using a sponge can give a fuller coverage application-so it’s up to user preference.


Lastly, remember to use a facial mist after “baking” or applying powder. “This brings back the luminous look to the skin, but keeps the coverage,” Robert explains. “I love CATRICE’S Prime And Fine Dewy Glow Spray. It is fast drying and gives the skin an amazing glow!”


Annnd there you have it. Say hello to your most flawless face yet.

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