The Facetheory ocuwake eye cream is a miracle product for lowering darkish circles and eye baggage

Suffering from dark circles under your eyes? Meet the $20 eye cream that shoppers say ‘works miracles’ on reducing eye bags – and it’s currently reduced by 25%

  • The Facetheory Ocuwake eye cream contains hexylresorcinol, which lightens skin and makes the eye area appear brighter 
  • Another key ingredient is Meiview, which strengthens and firms the eye contour and protects skin’s elasticity
  • Participants in a 28-day study of Meiview saw visible improvement in under eye bags after just 7 days

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Stress, lack of sleep and the age-ing process often results in eye bags and under-eye circles getting worse over time but you don’t have to put up with looking as tired as you may feel.

Clean skincare brand Facetheory have developed a naturally powerful eye cream that hundreds of reviewers call a ‘miracle cream’ for reducing dark circles and making them look more awake and also more youthful.

And not only are there some dramatic before and after photos showing how transformative the Facetheory Ocuwake eye cream can be, but it’s now reduced to $15.99.

The Facetheory Ocuwake eye cream contains hexylresorcinol to lighten dark circles fast to make you look more youthful and it’s now reduced to $15.99

The vegan-friendly cream contains two key ingredients that work together to lighten skin and make the eye area appear brighter and to strengthen and firm the eye contour and protect skin’s elasticity. 

One reveiewer said the results were so effective that she no longer needed cosmetic treatments, writing: ‘I have terrible under eyes and have used fillers in the past.

‘I was due to have fillers again but started using this cream a month ago and it has honestly improved my tear troughs so much that I no longer need fillers. I will never stop using this product, its a game changer.’

Another posted a photo after using the cream for several days with visible evidence that under-eye darkness had faded.

An impressed reviewer posted before and after photos showing that the skin under her eyes looked lighter and less puffy after using Ocuwake eye cream

An impressed reviewer posted before and after photos showing that the skin under her eyes looked lighter and less puffy after using Ocuwake eye cream

To lighten skin more effectively than more expensive eye creams, the Facetheory cream uses hexylresorcinol while othes rely on hydroquinone. Hexylresorcinol is clinically proven to be four times as effective as hydroquinone at lightening skin.

It works by inhibiting melanin production, it helps to minimise the appearance of undereye dark circles and makes the eye contour appear brighter and more luminous and the results are clear to see in Before and After photos.

Despite it’s effectiveness, it’s safe for those with sensitive skin thanks to inclusions of stabilised vitamin C that also helps brighten dark circles and chamomile, which soothes the delicate skin around the eyes. 

Shoppers who have tried several brands of eye cream say that Facetheory's Ocuwake eye cream is 'the best' at improving dark circles and it's super affordable

Shoppers who have tried several brands of eye cream say that Facetheory’s Ocuwake eye cream is ‘the best’ at improving dark circles and it’s super affordable

The skin’s appearance and elasticity is also further improved by the ingredient Meiview, which originates from a micro-organismand works to improve skin cell connections, increase production of collagen and therefore make skin feel smoother and plumper.

Reviewers notice a difference fast, with one delighted shopper praising: ‘I have less dark circles and less puffiness after two weeks, the skin feels well hydrated.’

Another added: ‘I have tried a humongous amount of brands for eye cream in my life, and Facetheory is the best.’

Other popular anti-ageing products from Facetheory include the CeraQuench renewal cream M6 Facetheory's Regenacalm Pro Serum S1 is another miracle product for reducing the signs of ageing

Facetheory have a collection of effective, powerful anti-ageing products inclusing the CeraQeunch renewal cream and the Regenacalm Pro serum

And if you’re looking for other anti-ageing products that shoppers rate, the Facetheory Regenacalm Serum S1 Pro is formulated with a solid three per cent encapsulated retinoids to target fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, acne scars and hyperpigmentation.

Or to boost elasticity and stop wrinkles forming, another top-rated product is the Ceraquench Renewal Cream Pro M6. It contains ceramides and co-enzyme Q10 to renew the epidermal barrier and has been clinically proven to reduce microwrinkles by 22 per cent in 30 days.

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