The Esarora Ice Curler did wonders for my darkish circles and puffiness

I’ve seen plenty of facial icing methods pop up on the app for a while now, like ice globe wands and ice cube molds. But when it comes to reducing puffiness, calming redness and evening out skin tone, this ice roller comes up as popular pick over and over again.

According to the brand, the soothing roller is meant to do all the above, as well as shrink pores, prevent wrinkles and improve dry skin. After using it for a couple of weeks, I can’t say that I’ve experienced all of those promised benefits, but I have found it helpful for eliminating under-eye bags and reducing puffiness.

To use it, I take the roller out of the freezer (after letting it sit overnight) and apply my face moisturizer before going in with the tool. I do as the directions the brand provides on the Amazon page instructs: moving it in sections, starting from the middle and working outward — similar to the paths that I follow when using a jade roller or a gua sha tool. I roll it upwards from my jawline to my cheeks, across my forehead and then around my eyes. Because of its size, it can be hard to roll close to the under-eye area, so I usually just hold it in place for a few seconds before moving to the next section.

After using it for about two minutes, my complexion looks noticeably brighter and more awake. But more than anything, it simply feels really good. The cold roller soothes my tired skin and provides a gentle massage for my entire face. Plus, the icy feel serves as a nice wake-up call on early mornings, helping me feel a little more energized and ready to start the day.

Amazon shoppers love it, too

But I’m not the only one who has found some benefits from the viral tool. The bestseller has more than 12,000 five-star ratings from people who have raved about its ability to reduce inflammation, swelling and more.

“I used on my face after using my toner and serum and holy amazing,” one reviewer wrote. “The coolness soothes my irritated skin and instantly calmed down all the puffiness.” Another reviewer, who is also a licensed esthetician, said that they recommend all their clients have one — and they even added that they use it in their own practice.

Another person called it a “must buy,” adding that they had tried countless lotions and serums to help improve the appearance of their under-eye bags to no avail. “I was skeptical when I saw this product as nothing else has worked,” the shopper wrote. “It arrived today. After 5 minutes of rolling and applying the cold to my eyes, I went to look in the bathroom mirror, expecting no results as with other products. I am SHOCKED! The bags under my eyes have reduced at LEAST 95%. I almost cried seeing such a difference. Thank you, thank you for such a wonderful product! I’m ordering several more after posting this review.”

I chose the Esarora Ice Roller to de-puff and soothe my skin, but if you’re interested in trying other ice roller tools, there are similar options you can shop on Amazon right now.

THBRO Facial Beauty Ice Roller

MonétBeauty Ice Globes for Facials

Floraison Unbreakable Stainless Steel Facial Wands

Can it help with pain and migraines?

Reviewers have also raved about its benefits for migraines and sinus pain, saying that the cold can help alleviate some of the discomfort. While I have yet to try it for that purpose, as someone who often experiences stress-induced headaches and the occasional more-severe migraine, I was glad to hear people say that this tool served as a form of relief. It’s comforting to know that I have it as a potential aid the next time either of those situations arise.

Some shoppers also claim that using the Esarora Ice Roller on other parts of their body — like their neck, feet and shoulders — helps relieve tension as well.

“I’m beyond pleasantly surprised,” one customer wrote. “I’ve used it for sinus pain, migraines, swollen neck glands, under eye circles/bags, inflamed acne, TMJ pain, etc. Not to mention, when used on my face, it leaves my skin feeling tight and wakes me up in the mornings. It also stays cold for forever, but it never sweats or leaves water behind. It’s like magic.”

While this tool is quickly becoming an essential part of my morning routine, I’m particularly excited to have it on hand during the hotter months as a way to cool down and feel a little more refreshed in the mornings.

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