The best way to use spoons to depuff eyes and deal with eye baggage

By Dark Circles Free / November 9, 2021

Caroline Barnes reveals why the cold spoon technique is so right for now

We’ve been singing the praises of cold therapy on the skin for months now for making the skin tighter, brighter and less puffy, and while there are a plethora of specialist cryotherapy tools to help you, the answer might actually be in your kitchen drawer. Makeup artist Caroline Barnes reveals an age-old backstage trick, which she has used many a time to revive the puffy faces of sleep-deprived actresses – tablespoons.

Caroline, who has worked with the likes of Bridgerton’s Nicola Coughlan (who plays redheaded Penelope Featherington) Kylie Minogue, Anna Friel and Rochelle Humes, explains why the cold spoon treatment is also very right for now. Puffy eyes are a sign of our times.

“You might find that in these times your eyes might be a little bit puffier or a little bit sleepier than usual due to the central heating being put on again,” she explains on Instagram, as she glides the backs of two large tablespoons over and around her eyes in a way that’s so mesmerising, it’s ASMR-worthy.

“Maybe you’ve had a bit too much alcohol, maybe, you’ve had a few tears, maybe you have just put an eye cream on that’s just too heavy… an old-school makeup trick is to put two spoons in the fridge. You’ll find them in all Winnebagos, makeup studios, trucks, when actresses are working really long hours and their eyes, are very sleepy when they have a makeup call at 6am.”

How do you get rid of puffy eyes with a cold spoon? Caroline recommends keeping the spoons in the fridge, applying a hydrating face mask and wedging the belly of the spoon into the eye socket and pushing the eyes up. Repeat ten times and smooth across the cheekbones to depuff, boost circulation and brighten the skin, invigorating you if you’re feeling flat.

“There are no rules just enjoy the cooling sensation,” Caroline says. “Your eyes and complexion will feel refreshed and awake.”

For a more sophisticated device, Caroline sings the praises of Oliviere Wilson’s Ice Sticks, £90. We love 111 Skin’s Cryo Sculpting Tool, which comes as part of their depuffing edit, £125 which includes 111Skin’s much-loved Sub-Zero De-Puffing Energy Facial Mask, Eye Mask and Eye Duo along with the metal cryo-sculpting tools.

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