The 18 Finest Eye Lotions For Darkish Circles Of 2022

It’s an all-too-common scene: You’ve had a long week at work, with perhaps not enough sleep and far too much stress. Just as you’re nearing the end of it, you greet your appearance in the bathroom mirror only to remark how tired you seem. And while sallow skin and a dulled complexion are major indicators that you may need some rest and relaxation, the most obvious signs are dark circles. If you’ve never complained of shadows under your eyes, lucky you; for the rest of us, don’t worry, there’s help.

Dark circles are, like many things as it relates to the skin, a combination of genetics and lifestyle. Yes, they tend to show up when we are tired and aren’t taking care of ourselves. And yes, some folks are genetically predisposed to them more than others. First and foremost, you’ll want to address any environmental triggers that may be causing them (reduced sleep quality, increased stress, dietary influences, allergies, and so on). But given we aren’t always in complete control of our circumstances, having an eye cream on hand can help tend to their appearance as well. (Hey, sometimes we just need a quick swipe of cream to get us on our way!) If that’s you, you’ve come to the right place. 

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