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Struggling With Darkish Circles Or Puffy Eyes? Nutritionist Suggests 5 Pure Treatments

By Dark Circles Free / July 4, 2022

Under-eye dark circles are a common skin concern. Whether you’re sleep-deprived, experiencing signs of ageing or are sniffling from seasonal allergies, there are plenty of reasons behind the rise of dark circles. Often, they are accompanied by under-eye bags, only making you look tired. A good night’s sleep and drinking enough water can help in […]


Bid Farewell To These Darkish Circles, Wrinkles & Puffy Eyes – Home of Magnificence

By Dark Circles Free / June 15, 2022

“Eyes are windows to your soul”. They reflect people’s true emotions and feelings. From increased sun exposure to excess screen time, the delicate skin around the eyes keeps getting affected. Lifestyle choices like smoking, improper sleep cycle etc. further result in thinning of the under eye skin and puts focus on the underlying veins. Nobody […]


Diabetes: Signs could embrace darkish circles, puffy eyes and sagging pores and skin

By Dark Circles Free / May 10, 2022

Some health bodies state that these “dirty looking patches” may also appear around the neck. Other diabetes-related complications Though not always concentrated on the face, skin changes are common with diabetes. Some diabetics who go to develop keto-acidosis, for instance, will notice their skin become hot, flushed, or dry. The Alberta health platform explains: “Diabetic […]


Movie star Make-up Artists Swear By These Life-Altering Hacks For Puffy Eyes And Darkish Circles

By Dark Circles Free / February 2, 2022

Celebrities really are “just like us” in that they too experience puffy eyes and dark circles and need quick, no-fail tips to conceal them in a pinch. We spoke with celebrity makeup artists Victoria DiPietro, cosmetologist and owner of Bella Angel (whose clients include Chelsea Handler, Elizabeth Banks, Bridgit Mendler and more) and Gargi Patel […]


Feeling Drained? Meet Celebrities’ “Secret Weapon” for Puffy Eyelids and Darkish Circles

By Dark Circles Free / January 25, 2022

Even Celebrities Use This $10 Eye Cream Getty Images It’s no coincidence when multiple celebrities flock to a certain product. You’ve probably heard it before: With access to the best makeup and hair professionals in the business (and blockbuster money), stars can hone in on the products that really work, whether it be $110 serum […]

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