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Kim Kardashian goes makeup-free & reveals off her actual pores and skin together with baggage & darkish circles in unedited footage

By Dark Circles Free / September 23, 2022

KIM Kardashian ditched her full glam makeup for a more natural look exposing her blemishes and dark circles in an unedited clip. The Kardashians returned to Hulu this week and exposed some unfiltered footage of the famous family. 5 Kim went makeup-free to pickup Khloe for the birth of her sonCredit: Hulu 5 She looked […]


Kim Kardashian exhibits off her REAL pores and skin together with ‘under-eye wrinkles and dry complexion’ in uncommon unedited images

By Dark Circles Free / June 30, 2022

KIM Kardashian’s real skin has been revealed in rare unedited photos from her recent trip to New York. The reality star’s fans said they found it “refreshing” to see her minor blemishes and under-eye wrinkles in professionally taken snaps from her appearance on the Today show. 5 Kim Kardashian’s real skin has been revealed in […]


Vitamin B12 deficiency: Signs together with face twitching and darkish circles underneath the eyes

By Dark Circles Free / April 18, 2022

Vitamin B12 deficiency can become serious if left untreated and according to statistics, it is rife among the older population, the Express reports. An untreated condition could lead to several neurological or heart problems. Fortunately, there are noticeable symptoms which can arise during the initial stages. Symptoms can include signs even felt in the face, […]