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Rihanna’s Make-up Artist Breaks Down the TikTok Pattern of Utilizing Pink Lipstick to Cowl Darkish Circles

By Dark Circles Free / August 13, 2022

Watching TikTok videos of people swiping red and pink lipstick under their eyes is endlessly entertaining. It sounds out-of-the-box, and it is, but for some people it’s a miracle-working hack for masking dark circles and looking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Celebrity makeup artist Priscilla Ono—she’s Rihanna’s go-to and the global makeup artist for Fenty Beauty—uses a […]


Cowl Darkish Circles in 5 Steps

By Dark Circles Free / June 15, 2022

The traditional way of covering dark circles involves layering multiple products to get an opaque finish. However, mixing foundation, concealer, and powder can quickly create a heavy, cakey under-eye. Dark circles are a blessing in disguise because they provide an excellent base for eyeshadow and can be used to your advantage. In addition, you’ll end […]


How Can I Cowl Darkish Circles?

By Dark Circles Free / May 17, 2022

Quick and easy mommy makeup tutorials are everywhere, and for good reason. But if there’s one area of the face to focus on, time-challenged moms should pay attention to the eyes, and the dark circles that can cast shadows on a glowing complexion. Creator Abby Rivera, better known as @abbythebadassmom on TikTok, went viral with […]


Cowl darkish circles with pure elements to make them disappear utterly

By Dark Circles Free / February 20, 2022

Covering dark circles with natural ingredients to make them disappear completely is possible. You will no longer need cosmetics. Dark circles (Pinterest) Cover dark circles with natural ingredients to make them disappear. The stressful and hectic life of every day leaves an inevitable mark on our faces. Between little sleep and worries, dark circles are the result. Nobody loves […]