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New Analysis Exhibits Collagen Dietary supplements Can Ease Eye Wrinkles*

By Dark Circles Free / January 26, 2023

The results? “After 12 weeks, the 10-grade crow’s feet photo scale score, eye wrinkle volume, skin roughness parameters (wrinkle height and depth), skin elasticity (overall elasticity and elastic recovery to pressure), skin hydration, and TEWL were significantly improved in the supplementation group compared to the placebo group,”* researchers note. What’s more, no adverse effects were […]


The three-euro collagen patches which are sweeping Instagram are perfect for combating darkish circles and wrinkles across the eyes

By Dark Circles Free / March 4, 2022

James 4 hours ago Entertainment 86 Views A pretty look is the key to giving our facea young and fresh look. But the appearance of dark circles and small wrinkles can spoil it. Luckily, we have found the solution to this problem: eye contour patches. It is a type of cosmetic with a high concentration […]