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By Dark Circles Free / November 28, 2022

Daily skincare: Dark circles are going to occur since the skin around the eyes is so delicate. And when they do, we feel awful and miserable. Dark circles are a common issue for both men and women. Some of the most stunning celebrities in the world have experienced this issue at some point and have turned to concealers and makeup to cover up their dark circles.

Don’t worry; you are not the only one who is faced with this problem. Here is a list of 5 home remedies to try to remove those dark circles naturally.

1. Grated potato

Potatoes are undoubtedly one of the best treatments for dark circles.  Additionally, these help to lessen the puffiness around the eyes. This cooling vegetable’s vitamins, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties assist to lessen inflammation around the eyes and prevent discolouration.

STEP 1– Grate some raw potatoes.

STEP 2– Place the potato shreds on your eyes.

STEP 3– Relax and remove them after 10-12 minutes.

2. Cold milk

Cold milk is an all-natural eye cleaner that also helps to calm the delicate skin around the eyes. Lactic acid, which is found in cold milk not only helps to lessen puffiness but also lightens the skin. Additionally, milk’s potassium content helps the skin retain moisture, giving you smoother, more supple skin.

STEP 1– Dip a cotton ball in cold milk.

STREP 2– Apply it to the eye area.

STEP 3– Keep it for a while and later rinse the eyes with cold water. Repeat thrice a week.

3. Cold tea bags

Using cold tea bags is one of the most efficient and simple techniques to get rid of these dark circles. For the quickest effects, try green tea or chamomile tea bags. Dark circles may be somewhat alleviated by the leftover caffeine’s ability to constrict blood vessels and lower blood flow.

STEP 1– Soak the bags in water and chill them in the refrigerator.

STEP 2– Remove them from the fridge and gently place them on both of your eyes.

STEP 3– Keep them on for 10 to 15 minutes and repeat regularly.


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4. Almond oil and lemon juice

Lemon juice and almond oil are another tested treatments for dark circles. Ascorbic acid, an active ingredient in lemon juice, works together with other nutrients to help minimise water retention, which can result in puffy circles under the eyes. Additionally, it has a slight bleaching effect. 

However, a word of caution if this mixture is applied excessively, it might have the opposite effect and harm the skin.

STEP 1– Take about a teaspoon of almond oil and a few drops of lemon juice.

STEP 2– Combine them, and gently apply them around the eye area.

STEP 3– Massage and let it rest for 2 to 3 minutes. Rinse.

5. Tomatoes

As natural bleaching agents, tomatoes are used. Antioxidants included in them also aid in reducing discolouration around the eyes.

STEP 1– Mix a teaspoon of tomato juice with a spoonful of lemon juice.

STEP 2– Apply under both eye areas.

STEP 3– Let it remain for 10 minutes or so, and rinse off with cold water. 


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Lifestyle tips to remove dark circles

– Consume a diet high in iron and vitamin C.

– Try not to touch your eyes constantly.

– Avoid using heavy eye makeup. Go organic!

– Moisturize the skin around the eyes.

– Wear sunglasses when you are outside in the sunlight. They’ll not only make you look good, but they’ll also assist shield your eyes from harmful UV rays.

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