Skilled Shares 5 Details About Darkish Circles You In all probability Did not Know But

The eyes are the most delicate area of the body. It’s plausible to think that one of the impacts of working from home is radiating skin; being away from the pollution and no makeup should have been a blessing in disguise! However, the reality is just the opposite. Plenty of screen time, working from home, being in front of the laptop 24*7, a peculiar sleeping schedule and stress has all but resulted in breakouts, acne and other skin problems.Also Read – 5 Easy Home Remedies to Get Rid of Dark Circles And Puffy Eyes

Taking it to Instagram, Dr. Madhuri, a dermatologist shares important facts about dark circles. Her caption read “Are you looking older than your age? Do you have sleepless nights? Did you know that your eyes show it all? Yes, our skin is the most delicate sense organ present in us.” Also Read – Under-Eye Dark Circles Cure: 5 Natural Ways to Try at Home

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Here Are the Important Facts About Dark Circles

According to Dr. Madhuri, the best way to think of your eye area is like silk, while your face is like cotton and your body is like denim. You should not wash all three garments in the same way.

Allergies can cause dark circles; these are sometimes called allergic shiners. Dark circles can indicate kidney/adrenal imbalance, such as high-stress levels and lack of sleep.

Drinking alcohol can cause blood vessels to dilate under the eyes, making dark circles look more prominent. Alcohol can also negatively impact sleep, which also exacerbates the appearance of dark circles.” Smoking damages the skin and leads to premature ageing.” Similar to age-related dark circles, less collagen production can lead to dark circles under the eyes.

These are the little white hard spots around your eyes, believed to be formed due to underdeveloped or immature sebaceous glands. They are small keratin filled cysts. This is why they are so common in newborns. These little cysts get trapped under the skin that can be extracted by a sterile lance by a dermatologist.

  • Stop Constant Eye Rubbing

Periorbital melanosis or dark circles often appear if you have a habit of rubbing your eyes frequently. The skin around the eyes is very delicate. Constant rubbing of the eyes seems innocuous but breaks fine blood vessels under the eye and causes hemosiderin deposition thereby leading to pigmentation. It is important to avoid this habit or urge.

“In this hustle and bustle, hardly a few of us have time for a good skincare routine,” says Dr. Madhuri.

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