Saying The First Wearable Artificial ‘Second Pores and skin’ For Eye Wrinkles

Lily Bioceuticals has announced it has launched the first wearable synthetic ‘second skin’ for the cosmetic industry. Its first product using the technology is Beyond Flawless Second Skin, for the under-eye area. 

Like natural skin, it is incredibly strong, resilient, breathable, waterproof — and completely undetectable. It’s a breakthrough innovation that will have an immeasurable affect for anti-aging and medical cosmetic products, the company says.

Lily Bioceuticals says it is “the first functioning 24-hour ‘second skin’ for the beauty industry. It flattens and tightens eyebags and age-related wrinkles and blemishes under the eyes. Watch the video below to see how it works. 

Beyond Flawless Send Skin is packaged in a tube with an applicator. The user brushes it on. The two-step application process creates a tight, undetectable bond over natural skin in under five minutes, flattening eyebags while covering wrinkles and blemishes. When it dries, it creates a life-like cosmetic “second skin” that mimics the elasticity and smoothness of an unblemished youthful complexion.

The resilient, breathable layer is swim, sweat and sleep-proof and lasts for up to 24 hours without residue or flaking. This life-like second skin can be peeled off in one piece.

The product is made from medical-grade graphene. The material is a “Nobel-Prize-winning and game-changing composition” the company states.

Graphene is the thinnest, yet strongest material on earth, because it is cross-linked with multiple polymers, the press release states. 

Beyond Flawless Second Skin also contains active anti-aging ingredients, including stabilized Vitamin C, peptides, and extracts to provide long term anti-aging  skin care benefits.

Lily Bioceuticals is a research-based anti-aging skin care and cosmetics manufacturer owned by Bio-Nature Laboratories, LLC of Edison, New Jersey. 

Bio-Nature Labs has been creating high-tech beauty and skin care products since 2008, with a focus on cellular energy. The company is known in the international market for its highly acclaimed NAD+ product line, introduced in 2014.

Lily Bioceuticals plans to announce additional “second skin” products for the face and other body parts with equally dramatic lifting effects on wrinkles and blemishes.

Watch the video below, or at this link.

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