Santa Clara Urgent Care

Santa Clara Urgent Care

The Santa Clara urgent care clinic is one of a kind in this area, simply because we provide every degree of possible comfort to a patient. At Instant Urgent Care, you will receive unsurpassed medical advice and treatments from our experts. In fact, here’s what other patients had to say about our services and the way we treated them:

  1. A few hours before I visited the clinic, I had a really bad bout of dizziness, and no matter what I did, I couldn’t get rid of it. So, I called the clinic, made an appointment, and they said I could get there that very day. As soon as I arrived, they were very welcoming, and they almost immediately figured out I had anemia. In the end, they prescribed me some medicine, and I was home after a few hours. I can say that this is a top Santa Clara, CA, walk-in clinic! – Dorothy Parker
  2. I arrived with a pretty bad knife cut in the early morning, without even making an appointment. I’d begun to feel dizzy by the time I came, and I hoped they would receive me without an appointment. There was no problem at all, though. They fixed me up quickly, and everyone behaved extraordinarily professional and polite all the time. I didn’t think that the best hospital in Santa Clara was this close to my home! – Thomas Granger
  3. My old fracture was acting up again, and I had unbearable pains for a few hours before I decided to go to the urgent care clinic in Santa Clara, California. I wasn’t sure if they can help me because I didn’t know what an urgent care clinic was at the time. I’d heard about this particular clinic from a friend who went there. I have to say that the doctors there are some of the finest I’ve ever encountered. – Nigel Blaine
  4. Pollen allergies aren’t fun at all, especially when you’re away from home, and you forgot your nasal spray there. I arrived with a bad sneezing fit and watery eyes at the clinic. I knew that they provided non-emergency treatment in Santa Clara, CA, so my only issue was whether I could just drop by without an appointment. Apparently, they allowed walk-in visits all the time. The doctor gave me a prescription for a new nasal spray just in case I inhaled pollen again on my way home. I didn’t think I could get things done that fast! – Courtney Pierce

These were just some of the client reviews who recently received urgent care in Santa Clara, California, at our clinic. As we’ve said before, the Santa Clara urgent care targets anyone with non-emergency problems. They can come here at any time, without prior appointments, and we’ll take care of everything. Our patients’ health and wellbeing are our main priorities here, at Instant Urgent Care. Contact us or just stop by to speak with a doctor!

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Santa Clara Urgent Care

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