Ren Skincare Vita Mineral Eye Gel Eliminates Darkish Circles

By Dark Circles Free / November 21, 2021

Dark circles and puffiness can appear for a variety of reasons, from genetics to an extra round at happy hour to the passage of time, but no matter their cause, they’re a plague, making skin look dull when you’re anything but. That’s when good skincare comes in to help, and for many shoppers, one particular cooling eye cream is their answer to banishing pesky dark circles.

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“First, the Wild Rumex illuminates the eye area by strengthening veins and capillaries around the eye,” he says. Next, ginseng energizes the skin and helps to decrease the darkness.

“The added ingredient of arnica reduces any puffiness around the eye (traditionally arnica is used to accelerate healing),” Delport further explains. “Lastly, the ingredients of algae and fig extract provide an immediate cooling and lifting effect — allowing the gel to feel light and not greasy.” If you want to make the eye gel even more soothing, Delport recommends leaving the gel in the refrigerator. The extra coolness helps to depuff and creates a smooth base for makeup application in the morning.

The Vita Mineral eye gel has shoppers praising how moisturizing it is, with one writing that it’s “nice lightweight, soothing eye gel perfect for daily use under makeup. Smooth and easily absorbed, it is very pleasant on tired eyes. This is perfect for regular daytime use.”

Reviewers love its consistency and gel-like texture. “Use it twice a day as it is not too heavy. It always feels amazing when applied,” another shopper writes.

Other customers call it a “fantastic eye gel” that absorbs quickly without leaving behind a sticky residue. “I was really surprised how the eye gel reduced my puffiness just holding it against the skin with gentle massage,” one wrote. “Lines are less noticeable, a must for mature ladies.”

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