Permanent Makeup license supervisor MN

Permanent Makeup license supervisor MN

Why Get Your Training from a Permanent Makeup License Supervisor

Having a permanent makeup is a major decision. Therefore, it’s normal for a client to ask about the technician’s licenses, references, experience, and pictures of recent works. In order to secure all these, a makeup technician needs to undergo training beforehand.

How to Be a Technician for Permanent Cosmetics in MN

  1. Start an apprenticeship. Being an apprentice allows you to start working and earn your wage while you are gaining the qualifications needed for a technician. Midwest Permanent Makeup & Apprenticeship has a Permanent Makeup License Supervisor who supervises trainees for their temporary license period.
  2. Check the Minnesota Department of Health on updates about body art regulations. Every state has its own regulation in terms of body art. If you are planning to work in MN, you need to be at least 18 years old to qualify for a temporary technician license. You will need to send a copy of a legal ID that indicates your age.
  3. Fill out the application form for Temporary Technician Body Art License Application. You may download it in PDF from the Health Department. The first part is about your information while the second part shall be completed by your supervisor.
  4. Pay the required fees at the Treasurer of State of Minnesota. As per the new tattoo laws in MN, the fee for a temporary license is $240.
  5. Work at an establishment with good standing. Your procedures should be guided by a supervisor. Otherwise, it will be considered illegal. The establishment should also have the necessary certifications.

What You Will Learn From An Apprenticeship

Aside from mastering the eyebrow, eyeliner, lip liner, full lip, and microblading eyebrows, there are other skills you will learn from the Midwest Permanent Makeup & Apprenticeship:

  • Procedure setup – get to know about the preparations needed at the procedure room, including the supplies, instruments, and furniture you will need during the procedure.
  • Pricing your services – learn how to price each service depending on the type of procedure and the number of visits required.
  • How to market your business – given the strict competition in the cosmetics world, it matters that you know how to sell your services without sounding too sales-y.
  • Maintaining your equipment – learn about all the machine types currently used for permanent makeup.
  • Consultation – you will learn how to evaluate clients and answer their concerns. Photography is also an important skill as your potential clients might request for a before and after picture of your work.

Start Your Journey as an Apprentice Today

If it’s your dream to be part of the permanent cosmetics industry, learn first the necessary skills from the experts. Here at the Midwest Permanent Makeup & Apprenticeship, Carolyn Peiffer will supervise you while performing your body art procedures.

As a Permanent Makeup License Supervisor, she will give you a hands-on apprenticeship toward 200 hours. Learn more about the apprenticeship by calling us at 763-792-1111. You may also submit a form on our website.

Permanent Makeup license supervisor MN