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By Dark Circles Free / November 25, 2021

BENGALURU: Sonam Darjee, a 26-year-old techie, was shocked when she noticed wrinkles and dark circles around her eyes in November. “I was known for my flawless skin and bright eyes,” Darjee, a resident of Hebbal, said. “I never had dark circles around my eyes. Late nights on laptops, phone and anxiety have wreaked havoc on my skin.”
Now she is on a strict regimen of diet and exercise and uses eye creams prescribed by her dermatologist. “I also follow an Instagram account which helps me with facial and eye exercises,” she said.
Like Sonam, many young professionals are rushing to dermatologists and skincare clinics after noticing wrinkles and undereye dark circles. Dermatologists say since professionals are working from home, they face a lot of stress, lifestyle changes and a sedentary lifestyle. Dermatologists have noticed a 30% rise in the number of patients.
Ishan Kaushik, another young professional, was besieged by the same problems. “There were days when I spent 16 hours binge-watching serials and the next day, I would again be working on the laptop. Work is stressful and there is zero social life. I never knew the effect would be immediate,” he rued, adding that his doctor has suggested treatment if six months of lifestyle change doesn’t work.
Dr Jagadish P, consultant dermatologist at Cuti Care, a centre for hair and skin, said the skin and brain are derived from the same cells embryonically and any stress in the brain is reflected on the skin.
“The stress of working from home is higher than in office and most professionals work longer hours at home,” Dr Jagadish said. “This has led to a rise in number of cases in dark circles under eyes and even wrinkles.”
Dr Shoba Sudeep, dermatologist and cosmetologist, Apollo hospitals, Seshadripuram said the rise in cases is because of a disturbed sleep-work pattern, lack of fresh air and a sedentary lifestyle.
“The skin around the eyes is overly sensitive and the strain reflects immediately,” said Dr Shoba, who also said the rise could be because people now have more time to visit their doctors. “We have people as young as 22 reaching out to us with these issues. Apart from eye issues, there is a spike in acne-related problems as well.”
Doctors’ advice
Experts say the best solution is a change in lifestyle and proper medication.
The solutions range from exercise to eye-lifting creams, but they must be prescribed by a doctor.
Dr Jagadish says patients must not use steroid creams and other medications without a doctor’s prescription. Dr Shoba says drinking enough water, sleeping for eight hours without interruption, exercising, and avoiding stress is a way to keep skin problems away. “It is important to use sunscreen even indoors and to wear shades that block UV Rays while using gadgets,” she said.

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