Need To Get Rid Of Darkish Circles? Right here’s How Ozone Signature Ayurvedic Kanak Taila Can Assist!

By Dark Circles Free / December 11, 2022

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Want To Get Rid Of Dark Circles? Here’s How Ozone Signature Ayurvedic Kanak Taila Can Help!

October 28: With a young, technology-enabled and user-oriented outlook, Sanchi Sehgal founded Ozone Signature- a skincare brand with a research and development, ‘formulation first’ approach to treat skin and hair concerns. She says that when Ozone Group expanded into skincare, it was ensured to approach skincare and concerns with a scientific approach and pharmaceutical infrastructure. This gave birth to our Ozone Signature Range.

Ozone Signature range is the natural/organic skin care range made in small batches with homely grown herbs. Ozone Signature Range brings to you a tale as old as time. These classical formulations come from the wisdom of our ancestors, and we are humbled and honored to be able to bring them to you, exactly how they were intended.

Ozone Signature is our bona fide Ayurvedic beauty range, which falls under the parent company- Ozone Pharmaceuticals. The foundation of its legacy is built in marvelous health and beauty care practices. Ozone Pharmaceuticals emanates from a legacy of more than thirty years.

Ozone Signature follows a fairly holistic approach towards things and is based out of the capital city. Derived from the trusted and age-old healing disciplines of Ayurveda, the Ozone Signature range is classical Ayurvedic formulations taken straight from Vedic healing texts.

All the Ayurvedic oils are formulated keeping in mind an effective concern-based approach, and they each target specific skin, hair and body concerns.

Moreover, products of Ozone Signature can be used with our recently developed and launched auxiliary line called, ‘Annexure’. True to its name, the Ozone Annexure range supports our signature oil treatments and works towards the maintenance and harmonious balance of the skin and hair.

Where the classical oils support treatment and recovery, we have an annexure range which supports and maintains the treatment.

Kanaka Taila

‘Kanak’ means gold in Sanskrit. This wonder formula is prescribed in Ayurveda to reduce:

●       Dark Circles

●       Fine Lines and Wrinkles

●       Dullness

In the face, when circulation is poor, blood may not reach the outermost layers of the skin, leaving skin with a dull, dry or tired complexion. It is known that increased blood circulation contributes to glowing skin. Increased blood flow also regulates temperature and may carry more waste or toxins to the sweat glands from where they can be cleared and cleansed through sweat.

Ozone Signature Kanaka Taila, developed as a powerful lipid replenishing formula, this serum helps strengthen the epidermal barrier to maintain hydration in the deeper layers. The restoration of moisture content of the epidermis dramatically reduces dark circles, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles.

Your skin goes to work repairing the day’s damage at night. Using the right product can help support the healing process to achieve vital and vibrant looking skin. Ozone Signature Kanaka Taila- most advanced face oil ever-maximizes renewal, repairing daily damage and delivering continuous hydration. This face oil is highly recommended for the skin that is dehydrated, showing early aging, dealing with dark circles or under-eye bags.

It absorbs deep into your skin and gives you a natural glow. It helps in better nourishment of the skin and helps in providing the radiant complexion/glow. The Kanaka Taila is a powerful age control formula for timeless beauty, regenerates new skin cells and enhances skin beauty.

Your skin goes through many stresses throughout the day and using the right skin products in the right way is very important to keep your skin healthy.

At Ozone Signature, we take pride in delivering the formulations to you in their most authentic form.







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