Mysterious darkish circles floor on some Pixel 6 collection models

Some Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro users are speaking out on Reddit about a mysterious dark circle that shows up on the displays of their Pixel 6 series handsets. A photo posted by Redditor Spirited_Cabinet_992 shows a Pixel 6 Pro with a dark circle or spot on the display. Others reported having the same issues with their 2021 Pixel models although the consensus was that with the screen on, the spot was not visible when looking straight at the screen. However, it is seen when viewing the display from the side or with the display shut off.Some users said that the spot looked like it was created by air or moisture trapped under the glass. Another theory came from Reddit subscriber The_Face_Of_Ben who posted about his wife’s Pixel 6: “My wife has something similar on her P6. I read somewhere citric acid can damage the screen coating. She had been making a lemon cake a few hours before we spotted it, so I’d say there is a good chance that was it.”

A mysterious round spot has surfaced on some Pixel 6 series models

It seems that this issue might have been around for a while. A year ago, some Pixel 6 users were exchanging stories on Reddit about spots found on their screens that were described as looking like air bubbles. But no screen protection had been added to the device. One Pixel 6 owner counted as many as 12 little spots on his phone’s display.

One Pixel 6 user who has the handle Current-Cupcake842 on Reddit was able to see what caused the spots to appear on his phone, “I got two spots too, and I know what is in my case, I vape, I saw how a drop of liquid fell on the screen and left the stain, it seems that the oil protector of the screen is bad.”

Luckily for most Pixel 6 series users, the issue doesn’t seem to be as widespread as others. And even though the spot might not distract users from viewing the screen straight ahead, it still is noticeable from the side and when the phone is turned off. And for some users, just knowing that a spot or spots are there is enough to lessen the enjoyment of owning the phone.

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