Movie star Make-up Artists Swear By These Life-Altering Hacks For Puffy Eyes And Darkish Circles

Celebrities really are “just like us” in that they too experience puffy eyes and dark circles and need quick, no-fail tips to conceal them in a pinch. We spoke with celebrity makeup artists Victoria DiPietro, cosmetologist and owner of Bella Angel (whose clients include Chelsea Handler, Elizabeth Banks, Bridgit Mendler and more) and Gargi Patel of Vasanti Cosmetics (whose brand has worked with stars like Lilly Singh), for easy hacks for your under-eyes before applying makeup.

DiPietro points out that sometimes, the appearance of puffy eyes “can be hereditary,” and in that case, a visit to a dermatologist for treatment information is key. “Other contributing factors are allergies, excessive alcohol, a high-sodium diet, a lack of sleep and sinus problems,” says DiPietro. “A holistic approach that considers each of the potential factors that could contribute to puffy bags can help you rule out the cause and pursue the appropriate treatment.”

Whatever the cause of your puffy eyes and dark circles may be, these tips can help soothe them if you wake up with noticeably irritated under-eyes. Before you grab that concealer and foundation, read on for quick pre-makeup hacks before you blend and are headed out the door.

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Tip #1— Use a Chilled, Ceramic Surface

For a tried and true, instant de-puffer, an old wive’s tale suggests freezing a spoon and applying the cold compress to one’s under-eyes inn the morning. To try this, place a spoon in the freezer until it feels ice-cold, wrap it with a thin piece of paper towel, and then apply it to your under-eye area alternating between both eyes. 


Patel explains that while the ol’ spoon trick is a good hack, she prefers using a different utensil to soothe puffy under-eyes. “I like using a chilled butter knife,” says Patel. “The flat surface lays directly across the puffiness and allows you to gently apply a little pressure.” She notes to  keep the knife chilled in the refrigerator “for an instant de-puffer.”


Professional eye-cooling products, as she explains, do exist and can be convenient to own if you’d rather not use a DIY method. “On the professional side, I use a ceramic cooling tip,” says Patel. “This replaces the well-known Hollywood secret of using a chilled teaspoon.”


Her brand, Vasanti Cosmetics, offers similar products, and she says that in general, products with a ceramic applicator “circulate and cool your skin as you apply the product, without having to apply ice, frozen veggies, tea bags or chilled cloths.” If in a pinch, any of those DIY ideas listed can help to instantly soothe your irritated under-eye area.


Tip #2— Apply a Frozen Tea Bag 

There are several reasons why a frozen tea bag can not only provide instant comfort to your under-eye area, but also improve its appearance if applied over time.


Firstly, black, white and green teas often contain caffeine as well as other anti-inflammatory ingredients that also serve as antioxidants. Herbal teas, like rooibos, chamomile and lavender are known to calm and soothe, whether consumed or applied to the skin in a product form. These can also help to reduce inflammation, puffiness and irritation.


DiPietro specifically notes “green tea bags” are a great “treatment for swelling” as well as “cold compresses,” as mentioned before. She also recommends getting a good night’s sleep to treat your under-eyes over time, “elevating the head at night,” avoiding foods that “cause fluid retention,” like salty snacks and processed meats, and to “stop smoking.” 


Overall, as DiPietro says, these tips, as well as “a good concealer and foundation” can “do wonders” for your puffy eyes and dark circles in a pinch, but “visiting the appropriate doctor is crucial.”


No matter what the cause for your eye bags might be (whether it’s natural aging, hereditary, due to allergies or lifestyle habits), a doctor and dermatologist can pinpoint the precise treatment needed for your situation. 





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