Make-up artist shares anti-ageing elements to eliminate darkish circles and make eyes look youthful

By Dark Circles Free / February 24, 2022

It’s no secret that as we get older, our skin starts to lose its elasticity and begins to sag.

It’s a totally natural and normal process, but can still make us feel self-conscious.

The first areas on the face that shows signs of ageing are the eyes.

From crows feet to drooping eyelids, you can be hit with visible signs of ageing around your eyes as young as your mid 20s.

We all know how important a healthy skincare regime is to not only make sure our skin looks its very best, but feels it too.

But on top of regular cleansing, toning and moisturising you should also be paying special attention to your eyes.

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According to leading Irish makeup artist and beauty expert Gillian Stapleton, everyone should be using just two ingredients to keep their peepers firm and bright – hyaluronic acid and caffeine.

Gillian tells RSVP Live: “Drinking caffeine has the opposite effect, but as an ingredient in your eye cream it will help with things like dark circles and puffiness.

“Meanwhile, the best time to use hyaluronic acid on the eyes is after washing your face. Pat it on damp skin, let it dry in and it will lock in lots of moisture.”

Another feature on the eyes that changes as we got older are our eyelashes. Like the hair on our head, they can start to thin or fall out and your once fluttering lashes can end up looking quite sparse.

While there are lots of lash serums out on the market, Gillian recommends using a more natural method to help your eyelashes grow as the ingredients in certain serums may not agree with everyone.

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A lash and brow tint will also help improve the appearance of your eyes and highlight any grey hairs.

Gillian explains:. “Castor oil works quite well for growing lashes and eyebrows and it’s probably a little bit safer, and definitely cheaper, than using lash serums.

“Because you lose hair as you get older, it’s important to get your brows and lashes tinted if you can as this will show grey or less obvious hairs and will make them look thicker.”

The makeup pro also recommends using a curler to give your eyelashes a lift, and be very careful if you get eyelash extensions.

While handy, extensions can be expensive to maintain and if you don’t remove them properly you can pull out your natural lashes and be left with bald patches.

This isn’t a good look, especially as eyelashes take longer to grow the older your are.

Gillian advises using a curler to give your lashes a natural lift as it can give the illusion they are much longer and thicker, even if that’s not the reality.

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