Liquid Contract Manufacturer

Liquid Contract Manufacturer

Many companies produce supplements, and a liquid contract manufacturer adds variety to your lineup by going beyond the pure tablet. Liquid tablets avoid potentially brand defying aftertaste and help you stand out on the shelf. Specialized supplement producers further ensure that liquid products meet the highest standards possible.

What are liquid dietary supplements?

Liquid nutraceutical products include tablets, meals, and beverages. In 2014, the Food and Drug Administration, FDA, issued an important set of guidelines for determining the difference between regular food and drink and a liquid supplement.

The overall impact of a drink is considered by the FDA when determining its use. Products labeled as dietary named a specific way, or containing certain ingredients are supplements. If recommendations for use are to refresh or rehydrate instead of control weight or produce a health impact, they will likely be considered beverages.

Specialized manufacturers create the nutrient-packed drinks geared towards health and well-being. SolisLabs uses reputable suppliers of natural ingredients to create liquid supplements. These drinks are explicitly made to impact health, appearing near other vitamins in the pharmacy isle as opposed to the milk or snack aisle at your local grocery store.

These drinks and tablets produce specific health benefits. Helpful vitamins and minerals aimed at improving health pack these liquids.

What is required to create liquid supplements?

Not every drink is a supplement. As the FDA ruled, the ingredients and branding are essential considerations. Nutraceutical liquids require special care and attention in formulation and production. Equipment is used to extract vitamins and produce fluids using specific knowledge of health and well-being.

This process requires chemists and manufacturing specialists knowledgeable in creating supplements. Health-related drinks center around the vitamins and minerals they use as opposed to just taste. Coca-Cola is an entirely different product from Vitacost.

An entire set of certifications and regulations governs nutraceutical production. The National Safety Foundation, Natural Products Association, and Good Practices Manufacturing group created specific guidelines to ensure that products are safe for consumption. These organizations consider the quality of facilities and the quality assurance process.

It is important to consider both the health impact and the tastes of your market. Flavoring and packaging are also significant factors when producing a product for purchase. With consumers bombarded by as many as 5000 advertisements, it is crucial to stand out from the crowd.

How do I create a liquid supplement?

Liquid supplement manufacturing involves an intricate combination of scientists and manufacturing experts involved in producing consumable health products. These products target everything from general well-being to heart health and even act as blood thinners.

SolisLabs offers a white label manufacturing process where clients who are testing the market gain access to our formulas. We help clients develop products in addition to granting peace of mind through certification.

Finding a liquid contract manufacturer in the supplement industry is difficult. SolisLabs offers a wide range of certified services geared towards the production of quality extracts. Contact us today to find out how you can outsource your liquid production needs.