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I’m a magnificence professional – I’ve discovered a brand new product that makes darkish circles vanish immediately

By Dark Circles Free / November 29, 2022

NO matter how tired you may be, saggy bags and defining circles tend to stick around under your eyes.

A beauty pro believes she has found a new product that instantly erases dark undereye circles and tested it on TikTok.


One beauty fan tries a product that is supposed to make your dark circles vanishCredit: TIKTOK/kirsty.belle
Kirsty Belle puts the product to the test


Kirsty Belle puts the product to the testCredit: TIKTOK/kirsty.belle

Sometimes even the thickest amount of concealer still isn’t enough to make dark lines disappear.

You can blend and tap the makeup in, but the undereye circles may poke through at some point during the day.

Beauty obsessor Kirsty Belle claims one product will make those dark circles vanish in seconds.

Kirsty tries the product she heard another TikTok creator swear by in a recent video.

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The makeup lover starts by showing viewers the video beauty guru Sherli Garcia made revealing the product.

Sherli says she loves the $32 Charlotte Tilbury Magic Vanish.

This makeup is an “under-eye brightening & pigmentation color corrector for fair skin tones.”

“I had to try this,” Kirsty says.

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She tries the product in the shade two medium.

The bright pink undertone of the makeup leads Kirsty to the realization that it’s a color-correcting product.

Using an eye shadow brush, Kirsty lightly brushes it under her eye.

“Oh my god, my under-eye is literally just disappearing. It’s gone, it’s vanished, like actually stop,” Kirsty screams.

Kirsty uses the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Vanish, but people say they don't like the product


Kirsty uses the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Vanish, but people say they don’t like the productCredit: TIKTOK/kirsty.belle

“Why have we not heard about this before?”

Viewers had mixed opinions about the product.

“I have this, it dries up my under eyes and makes it look creasy perhaps I’m using wrong,” one honest reviewer wrote, while another disagreed: “I love it so much.”

Some argued they don’t see the difference the product made on Kirsty’s face.

“You don’t even have dark circles! I’d like to see how it works for someones with dark circles like mine!! Like real dark,” one person said.

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