I Tried 5 TikTok Hacks To Minimise Darkish Circles

It’s impossible to scroll through TikTok without spotting a natural DIY remedy for skin gripes. One popular concoction for supposedly minimising the appearance of dark circles is a honey and turmeric mask, as demonstrated by TikToker Sonali. Some TikTokers swap turmeric for buttermilk or yoghurt, as both contain lactic acid (typically an exfoliating ingredient). The bright yellow turmeric contains curcumin, an anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant which protects skin against environmental aggressors such as pollution. It is said to brighten the skin but Dr Adegoke says that the evidence is limited and more robust research is needed. As for honey? There is a low chance that it could penetrate the skin to make a real difference to under-eye circles in the long term, says Claire, as it’s just too thick.

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