I am a skincare knowledgeable – how I made a DIY eye masks that helps take away darkish circles with a salad staple

By Dark Circles Free / December 12, 2022

A SKINCARE expert shared her secret hack on how to create DIY eye masks that help remove dark circles using a popular salad ingredient.

Peleva.co is a skincare brand with more than 1,400 followers on TikTok, where its content involves skincare and beauty tips.


A skincare expert shared her hack to create DIY eye masks using simple stepsCredit: TIKTOK/peleva.co

A recent video showed viewers how to create their own eye masks at home using very simple steps.

All you need is a cucumber and cotton pads.

The first step is to take the cucumber and shred it using a cheese grater into fine pieces.

Be sure to collect the pieces in a bowl so they’re all together and to cut down on any possible mess.

Once the cucumber is shredded, take circular cotton pads and cut them to fit the shape of a normal eye mask.

Take the cotton pads and dip them into the cucumber shavings. 

Make sure to let the cotton pad soak in the cucumbers overnight until it’s fully saturated.

Leave them in the fridge so they’re cool to the touch as well.

Once that is done, you’ll have your own homemade eye masks.

The video went viral with over 230,000 views and hundreds of comments.

“I made them and they came out very well. Thanks,” wrote one person.

“Omg thanks I am defo making this,” wrote another person. “Please do more of these homemade skin care recipes.”

Other viewers asked if this would work with other vegetables such as carrots and avocados. The account replied that it would.

“Can I pre-make them or do I have to use them same day?” asked another person.

The account replied: “Hi, you can remake them. I’d been making mine for the whole week.

All you need is a cotton pad and a cucumber


All you need is a cotton pad and a cucumberCredit: TIKTOK/peleva.co

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